The “Right” People

21 Apr 24   “In the land of the deaf, you have to shout!   Flannery O’Connor   The “Right People!”   In the interest of full-disclosure, I surely qualify as one of HRC’s hated “Deplorables,” and I have clearly failed to live-up to her standards, so my perspective is thus likely not one that […]

When it’s least expected…!

15 Apr 24   “Fate makes no appointments, nor does it wait! You have to be alert and ready the instant it arrives.”   Anon   Shopping mall stabbing in Sidney, Australia, Saturday, 13 Apr 24   Six unsuspecting, innocent shoppers were murdered at a busy shopping mall in Sidney, Australia last Saturday afternoon.   […]

Oh Boy!

13 Apr 24   “In an emergency, who does something is sometimes wrong. Who does nothing is always wrong!”   Canadian General Julian Byng, 1917   Here we go in April, 2024!   Hold-on tight!   Iran’s conspicuous (and ongoing) missile-attack upon Israel today may be just a diversion. The “main attack” may materialize elsewhere. […]

Six Months Later!

10 Apr 24   “No ‘Plan of Operations’ extends with certainty beyond first encounter with the enemy’s main strength”   Helmuth von Moltke   Six Months Later:   Friends in Israel tell me that even after events of 7 Oct 23, gun-ownership among private (non-military) Jewish citizens in Israel is still rare.   Among American […]

Tac-Com 2024

8 Apr 24   Tac-Com, 2024   Tom Givens’ 2024 Tactical Conference in Dallas, TX just concluded, and it was Vicki’s and my honor and privilege to be included, once more!   As always, there were dozens of lecture classes (mine included), hands-on classes, as well as live-fire classes on various ranges, including defensive handgun, […]

Solar Eclipse!

4 Apr 24   “It’s dangerous business, going out your front door!”   JRR Tolkien   Solar Eclipse, 8 Apr 24 (Mon)   Friends in the System tell me that we were extremely lucky there were no major Islamic terrorist incidents on Easter Sunday, but we may not be so lucky on 8 Apr 24, […]

House of Failure

2 Apr 24   “The only thing standing between you and your goal is that bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”   Jordan Belfort   Comments on excuse-making, from a renowned circuit judge, now retired:   “I heard that excuse from nearly every defendant, in every case, no […]


1 Apr 24   “Never ruin an apology with an excuse”   Ben Franklin   “True repentance,” or merely “excuse-making?”   On 23 Mar 24 in Texas, a twelve-year-old boy entered the garage of an elderly woman and precipitously stabbed her (nearly to death).   The woman surely would have died had her own son […]


30 Mar 24   “Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship”   Denzel Washington   Red dots, bird hunting, and exasperating lessons!   Yesterday afternoon, I was upland bird hunting at our local club here in CO. My quarry was the wily, drab-colored chukker partridge.   I’ve hunted chukkers many times, and I’m […]

“Apex” Predators!

25 Mar 24   “The more you screw them, the better they like it”   Liberal axiom   “Apex” Predators:   On Saturday in northern CA, two young brothers were precipitously attacked by a mountain lion.   One brother, while injured, survived the attack.   The other brother didn’t!   Leftist politicians are busily “reintroducing” […]

Security Theater!

24 Mar 24   “Owning a gun is choosing to be an active participant in your own rescue”   Gideon Joubert (South African colleague)   Unarmed “Guards”   During the murderous ISIS attack at a Moscow (Russia) concert last Friday, uniformed (but unarmed) guards were generously posted at strategic points throughout the venue, as one […]

“Modern” Policing!

20 Mar 24   “They can’t shove it up your ass while you’re sitting on it!”   Glennon   The national calamity of trying to police in a woke political culture:   Today, I attended a number of classes where I was treated to hearing all about, “Constitutional Policing,” endless lectures on “de-escalation,” avoiding any […]

ILEETA, 2024

19 Mar 23   ILEETA, 2024   Vicki and I are at the 2024 ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association) Convention here in St Louis.   All LEOs need to be members! Trainers particularly should attend these conventions, as there are so many valuable classes, demonstrations, vendors. It is great way to stay […]

Our Justice System, Wounded!

16 Mar 24   “Wrath and anger are hateful things. Yet, the sinner hugs them tightly”   From the Book of Sirach, 27:30. Sirach, written by a Jewish scribe (Sira), probably in Alexandria, Egypt, dates from 175BC, but was/is not included in Jewish Canon. It is included among “apocryphal books” of the Catholic Bible   […]

“The Narrative”

14 Mar 23   Controlling the Narrative:   Back on 6 Feb 24, a man precipitously hurled two cans of burning liquid at a group of people waiting for a train on NYC’s Subway System in Manhattan. The attack was apparently random.   No serious injury was reported. The perpetrator ran away.   The entire […]

Vanishing Police!

12 Mar 24   Diminished Police Protection:   “Why doesn’t our government protect us? Why aren’t criminals following gun laws? Why do we have to protect ourselves?”   John Glassy   The City of Pittsburgh, PA used to have (just a few years ago) a Police Department with 1700 sworn officers- on patrol, answering calls, […]


7 Mar 24   While The People are virtuous, they cannot be subdued   But, once they lose their virtue, then they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader.   Samuel Adams   We’re there!   Entire segments of our population have been told (by sleazy, amoral Democrat […]

Serious Purposes!

5 Mar 24   Serious Ammunition!   I just got off the phone with Peter Pi Jr, CEO of Defiant Munitions in Sturgis, SD.   Two rounds I recommend for serious purposes: Defiant 9mm 115gr +p TCX (all-copper HP projectile)Defiant 223 Rem 55gr TCX (also all-copper projectile)   After numerous spotty shortages, are now in-stock […]

Envy, celebrated!

4 Mar 24   Inflationary Economy:   In many states, certainly blue states, shoplifting (along with most other forms of thievery) is de-facto legal!   It is now common for brazen thieves to enter a store like any other shopper, openly pick up what they want, and exit without paying. They don’t even need to […]

Carpe Diem

26 Feb 24   Deadly Campus:   American young adults, going off to college, are quickly submerged in modern higher-education leftist/woke political agenda.   Of course, with leftists there is never any “debate.” You’re required to unconditionally embrace their woke agenda, or be shown the door. They smugly promote “diversity,” in everything but opinion!   […]