18 May 24
NRA Show, Second Day
Today, DJT spoke, as promised. We did not personally attend, but he received NRA’s enthusiastic official endorsement, as expected.
There were news reports of protestors outside, but we didn’t see any.
In the vendor area:
Savage’s “Stance” Pistol is flat (9mm, single column) and designed for concealed carry. Manual safety is optional, and it features a rounded rear-sight notch (“Cirillo style”).
Savage is also making a straight-pull rifle called the”Impulse.” Instead of locking-lugs, the Impulse uses six ball-bearings!
Kahr is now making a G19 clone (9mm), called the “Night Eagle.”
Kahr’s small “X9 Pistol” (also 9mm), designed for concealed carry, will accept SIG 365 magazines!
Kahr is now also making a 50BMG rifle!
A company called American Tactical is marketing a credible copy of Remington’s 870 pump shotgun, called the “MD3R.” It retails for $200.00. Amazing!
They are also marketing three-dot pistol sights which use diamonds for inserts!
I finally got a chance to handle SIG’s “Spear Rifle,” (6.8×51) with which they’re supplying our military. Not as heavy as an M14, but significantly bigger and heaver than an M4!
On a not-so-related subject, the Democrat prosecutor for Cook County (Chicago) today announced her office would not prosecute illegal gun cases arising from routine traffic stops.
If anyone still doubts that leftist Democrats are working tirelessly to arm violent criminals and keep them out of jail and in circulation, their skepticism can now be finally set aside!
These same Democrats are simultaneously working tirelessly to take all guns away from us non-criminals.
Today also, a terrified Chicago mother frantically called 911 multiple times to report a home invasion involving two masked men. She was told. “We have no units to send!”
This nauseating hypocrisy is finally starting to haunt Democrats!