27 May 24
“Memorial Day,” also know as “Decoration Day,” has been celebrated annually in the USA  (on assorted dates) since 1868.
Since 1971, various “Memorial Days” have been consolidated and jointly celebrated on the last Monday in May.
Today, in solemn commemoration, Vicki and I attended our Memorial Day Celebration here in Ft Collins, CO (where many veterans live, including me).
In past years, the “Portable Vietnam Wall” has been on display. This year, a new “Portable Wall” was erected, this one dedicated to our War on Terror, from 1983 through the present. Like the Vietnam Wall, its lists names of fallen heroes, nearly 30k!
Many of the events thus memorialized I had almost forgotten, and we were re-reminded just how dangerous, and infested with evil, is our world!
A lovely eight-year-old girl, who had been “on-station” for hours, graciously handed me a hand-written “thank-you note to veterans” that she had composed herself as we exited, and I was happily re-reminded that there are still plenty of good people around too.
In world history, civilizations have come, due to selfless, audacious heroes who courageously step-up to the plate when called.
And they go, due to seedy, dishonorable, amoral, arrogant cowards who care nothing for future generations.
We currently have far too many of the latter in our government, media, education, officialdom.
We all hope civilization lasts a bit longer!
And, I just celebrated our Nation’s glorious history by ordering ammunition!
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