14 May 24
“… and sometimes the Circus comes to you!”
A random knife attack took place on Times Square (NYC) this last Saturday.
A “disabled person,” sitting in a wheel chair on a sidewalk suddenly jumped-up and stabbed a female tourist with a long knife.
The perpetrator then sat back down in the same place, as if nothing had happened!
This particular VCA is very familiar to police, who have arrested him dozens of times, for similar violent felonies.
The female victim was seriously injured, but is expected to live through it.
Perpetrator was arrested (as always) shortly thereafter, without incident.
He’ll be released from custody shortly (as always), if he hasn’t been already!
Of course, this VCA should have been long-since locked-up where he couldn’t hurt anyone. Isn’t that what jails are for, to protect the public?
But, liberals work relentlessly to keep dangerous felons in open circulation and actively hurting innocent people, because “The more crime you have, the more ‘government’ you need”
Such precipitous lawlessness is ever a convenient pretext for liberals to further restrict/suffocate the freedom of everyone who doesn’t commit crimes. Thus, our “Criminal/Justice System” jealously protects violent criminals, while asphyxiating good citizens. Marxism/socialism (liberalism) is simply a modern extension of medieval feudalism. This is exactly what our Founders fought a Revolutionary War to get away from!
Things to consider from a personal perspective:
1) Who appear “disabled” may be just putting-on an act in order that their potential victims will drop their guard, maybe even not notice them.
Remember Ted Bundy? He used casts and crutches as a ruse to lure his victims. The trick “worked,” dozens of
2) Career VCAs are expert at cleverly concealing surprisingly large weapons, as we see!
Large knives, machetes, bludgeons can be kept out-of-sight until the last instant.
3) It is common for us to move about preoccupied with all manner of personal business, failing to notice subtle “danger signs.” In our modern world, alertness/awareness have emerged as critical skills for continued personal safety.
The clueless/unaware are in far more danger than they realize!
“We do not have to cure every neurosis. We just have to learn how not to be caught by them.
This is a difficult process, because of how restricted our capacities for attention usually are. We do not suspend our judgments easily, nor do we generally have access to our childhood capacity for curiosity and exploration.
Our attentional resources are hijacked early in our lives by our need to manage the intrusive or ignoring familial environments in which we are immersed.
As a result, many of us end up in unreal states, stuck in our heads, unaware of our bodies, and unaware of being unaware”
Mark Epstein