13 Apr 24
“In an emergency, who does something is sometimes wrong. Who does nothing is always wrong!”
Canadian General Julian Byng, 1917
Here we go in April, 2024!
Hold-on tight!
Iran’s conspicuous (and ongoing) missile-attack upon Israel today may be just a diversion. The “main attack” may materialize elsewhere.
Terrorist attacks on non-military targets in Europe and CONUS may simultaneously materialize
As we see in Sidney, Australia (also today), a single VCA, armed only with a knife(s) can inflict multiple fatal injuries within minutes on hapless (and unarmed, by government edict) civilians.
Israel’s response to this missile-attack is unpredictable, but certain!
Other states may be drawn-in, militarily. Remember Sarajevo in 1914.
Oh Boy!
My usual advice:
Stay mobile (keep your gas-tank full)
Stay informed
Go armed (rifle/shotgun close-by)
Avoid crowds
“The ‘Eternal Return’ of the same”