1 May 24
“In the City of Constance (present-day southern Germany) on 6 July 1415, John Hus was burned at the stake by the Catholic Church for the ‘heresy’ of criticizing corrupt Church practices that were not supported by Scripture (much as Martin Luther did a century later).
Curiously, Hus’ personal safety had been repeatedly guaranteed by Church hierarchy.
Who witnessed the event reported that Hus died singing!”
Forget about “Protection of Law!”
This past weekend in the City of Buffalo, NY two workers, who had been hired by a local realtor to clean the interior of an unoccupied house, were attacked and murdered by a squatter whom apparently no one knew was there.
This murderer had been arrested multiple times, and always failed to subsequently show-up in court. There were thus multiple warrants out for his arrest, but why bother arresting him (again)? He’ll only be “in custody” for an hour of two, and then released once more!
Had he been in jail (where he should have been, and where he could have harmed no one) these two innocent cleaners, who were only trying to work for a living, would be alive and well.
Democrats call this travesty “bail reform.” Democrats, instead of protecting good and decent people, instead protect violent criminals, and then solicit their votes.
These two innocent workers should have been able to assume their government was doing its best to protect them.
Quite the opposite!
“Public safety” currently enjoys the lowest rung among priorities of leftist politicians, who work tirelessly to keep dangerous criminals out on the street and not in jail, as we see.

The weapon used to commit these murders was a KelTec folding carbine (9mm), what we call a PCC (Pistol-Cartridge Carbine, illegal in NY). When it was seized by police, it had a fifteen-round magazine locked in the magazine well (also illegal in NY).

I am quite certain that violent criminals like this one are smart enough to have figured-out the advantages of carrying a PCC in a backpack. There are never any consequences, so why not?
This murderer was obviously unconcerned about the illegality of his weapon and magazine. Again, he has been arrested repeatedly, formally charged, and then immediately cut-loose, never to experienced any
unpleasant follow-up. He was intimately familiar with “The System!”
Gun laws are only enforced upon good and decent, tax-paying citizens (who have something to lose), and who are scared to death of these protected and coddled criminals (who have nothing to lose), and who are by and large unhindered as they prey upon the innocent, violently.
This is the leftist NIMBY (“Not In My Back Yard”) standard, in action!
This is the “Rules for Thee, but Not for Me” mindset, cynically practiced by all liberals (along with “Guns for me, but not for Thee,” as gun laws don’t apply to politicians)
This is a palpable curse upon this nation, where we now have a “Caste System,” based on an arrogant, elitist school of thought.
Gone are the days when good citizenship was the “gold standard” for personal behavior!
Now, immoral, unethical behavior is piously excused, providing the actor:
1) Belongs to the “correct group,” favored by leftists/elitists, and
2) Engages in acts of destruction and terror focused upon “deplorables” (the law-abiding, Jews, Christians, tax-
payers, legal American citizens)
Thus, looting, squatting, burning, vandalizing, and general terrorizing of local communities is not only permitted, but encouraged, under the excuse that destructive riots are falsely re-labeled “mostly peaceful protests”
Police are given orders to stand-down and not enforce the law. BLM, ANTIFA (and now Hamas) “activists” are given free reign to wreak havoc, so long as they vote for Democrats.
However, when any species of protest occurs at a liberal “Ivory Tower,” we see a completely different set of “standards” being applied. Now, police (and tax-payer-funded bodyguards, armed with “weapons of war”) are suddenly needed to “restore order” and are expected to do it quickly, so that no elitist liberal is ever inconvenienced.
We are only as good as our upbringing and education. When parents fail to parent, our media despises the truth, and “educators” teach only evil, we are in for a rough ride!
In the interim, life-threatening emergencies are, by definition, unplanned!
As our “Criminal/Justice System” collapses under our feet, personal readiness will determine life or death!