8 Apr 24
Tac-Com, 2024
Tom Givens’ 2024 Tactical Conference in Dallas, TX just concluded, and it was Vicki’s and my honor and privilege to be included, once more!
As always, there were dozens of lecture classes (mine included), hands-on classes, as well as live-fire classes on various ranges, including defensive handgun, shotgun, and this year we were treated to a spectacular comparative handgun-round ballistic gelatin demonstration, conducted by Chuck Haggard.
This is the one event, more than any other, where our Art is genuinely advanced!
No agendas.
Everyone goes armed.
Whining, bickering, sniveling, self-promotion, stupid gun-handling- all not permitted, nor tolerated. Those guilty of such boorish behavior are politely invited to find someplace else to be, and not to return!
Just a sincere group of nationally-known instructors and perpetual students, doing our best to learn from each other, and collectively advance the Art.
Next year’s Tac-Com will be in the same place and is scheduled for 28-30 Mar 25 (Fri-Sun)
It will be fully subscribed very fast. Serious students of the Art need to plan on being there!