30 Apr 24
A Girl and a Gun, Annual Conference, Cameo Range Complex, Palisades (Grand Junction), CO
The AGAG Annual Conference (25-28 Apr 24) just concluded, and Vicki and I were both there, both conducting Classes. We were joined by sixty other instructors!
Attendees numbered over seven hundred. This is a huge event!
Coordinating the whole affair is my good friend, Robyn Sandoval. Her organizing ability and attention to detail are amazing!
The Cameo Range Complex is enormous, and simultaneous Conference Classes (shooting, non-shooting, lecture) are spread-out over the entire facility.
AGAG’s interest embraces all the shooting sports and competitions, as well as the serious use of guns (Vicki’s and my niche).
The annual AGAG Conference, like Tac-Con, attracts eager students (women) from around the Country and the world.
There is a big vendor area on Thursday, with GTM, Zindira, and many other vendors displaying their wears. Meanwhile, Glock, Walther, H&K, Mossberg, Staccato were all set-up on ranges, and attendees had the opportunity to shoot them all (live fire).
My Class this year was “Retention and Disarms,” a non-shooting lecture/participation Program where we use John Ring’s prop-guns (to take the place of functional guns).
Vicki conducted three Classes:
“You and the Timer”
“Off-Body Carry,” now called “Flex-Carry”
“Conference De-brief”
And there were many other Classes, live-fire, lecture, hands-on, featuring many other well-credentialed
instructors, including Dave Hartman from Gunsite, Ed Monk, John Holschen, Lou Ann Hamblin, Chuck Haggard, Tim Kelly and Crew, Tiffany Johnson, Art Aplin, Tatiana Whitlock, Erick Gelhaus, et al.
I encourage all women to join a local chapter of AGAG and then attend this wonderful Annual Conference. It’s a chance to train under an impressive array of notable instructors, all in the same place and at the same time!
Our thanks, once more, to Robyn and Crew!