23 Apr 24
Update, from a friend in Israel:
“What has saved many innocent Jewish lives in the past manifested itself, once again, yesterday:
‘Terrorist weapons that are poorly made, poorly maintained’
Two teenage Islamic terrorists drive a car directly into a group of Jews congregated near a synagogue, then they crash their vehicle into a parked car.
Three among the standing are injured, but no fatalities.
Terrorists then jump from their disabled vehicle and attempt to gun-down the injured, and other survivors. For this task, terrorists try to use a Palestinian (home-industry manufactured) ‘Carlo,’ probably 9mm
‘Carlo’ is slang for ‘Carl Gustaf M/45 SMG,’ otherwise known as the ‘Swedish K.’ It’s a simple blow-back SMG, dating from WWII. Relatively easy to manufacture, it was later officially copied by S&W and called the ‘M76,’ and was used by US forces for a time. But, it was/is also extensively copied illegally, including today in clandestine Palestinian workshops. Most such copies are crude and unreliable, as was the case here.
Terrorists routinely select Orthodox Jews (easily identifiable by their dress) for lethal attack, because Orthodox Jews are unlikely to carry guns (while many of us ‘regular Jews’ do)
However, the two terrorists in this case are unable to get their Carlo running, despite enthusiastic efforts, so no shots were fired. The Carlo was dropped shortly thereafter, and the terrorists ran away (only to be captured an hour later)
As is so often the case, these Orthodox Jews, specifically selected for victimization, lived through this attack only due to incompetence on the part of their attackers, and the system that enables them!
Meanwhile (for the rest of us), Israeli Firearms Licenses are good for three years. During year two, one must attend a ‘Refresher Course.’  The wait to get into a Refresher Course is now considerable, because of the current upsurge (owing to recent events)
A precious few of us have Rifle Licenses. Backup for that Refresher Course is now four months, but the deadline has been extended, because of a crush in applications (as you might imagine).”
My Comment:
Back over here, Jewish students at Ivy League Universities are being threatened with death, to the point where many are departing the campus, for their own safety.
Violent, anti-Jewish riots (described at “mostly peaceful” by AOC and other Democrats) are simultaneously erupting on university campuses across the nation
We’ve never before seen anything like this in America!
This is starting to remind many, including me, of Germany in 1938!
Will we have to wait much longer for “Kristallnacht?”
Evangelism: “The Art of winning converts to your way. The ‘Art of Persuasion’”
Politics: “The Art of getting your way, without winning converts. The exercise of coercion”