21 Apr 24
“In the land of the deaf, you have to shout!
Flannery O’Connor
The “Right People!”
In the interest of full-disclosure, I surely qualify as one of HRC’s hated “Deplorables,” and I have clearly failed to live-up to her standards, so my perspective is thus likely not one that would be shared by the “Right People.”
A friend, living in a foreign country, today commented that he found it curious that the State of NY has just “given” two billion dollars to NYC in an effort to help them deal with the ongoing flood of illegal immigrants, violent Palestinians, assorted other criminals (the “Right People”).
Tax-paying legal residents of NY (the “Wrong People”) over the past year alone have watched their auto-insurance rates double, and they are on-track to redouble again next year. This is because illegal immigrants, driving stolen cars, without driver’s licenses, without any kind of insurance, routinely become involved in traffic accidents, and then just walk away. There is no consequence!
So, the ones left to pay for all that damage are, of course, “Wrong People,” and insurance companies have responded to the phenomenon they only way they can. They’re raising rates, on all the “Wrong People.”
“Wrong People” thus get to pay for the misdeeds of “Right People,” because “Right People” are protected, empowered, and apologized-for by their leftist allies in American politics (Democrats).
Conversely, “Wrong People” are murdered, maimed, bankrupted, and see our property
stolen/destroyed/vandalized, and no one cares. In fact, we’re told we “deserve it,” by leftist Democrats who curse us and piously tell us that we’re not paying our “fair share.”
Of course, “Right People” pay nothing, are never arrested, never prosecuted, never deported, never even inconvenienced.
The “Wrong People” are told that “racism” is actually a good thing, so long as the “Right People” benefit, and
“Wrong People” receive the punishment and second-class status they deserve.
We’ve also learned that “assault weapons” too are actually a good thing, so long as they’re confined to the hands of the “Right People.” They’re only “bad” when they’re owned by the “Wrong People!”
Likewise, “Freedom of Speech” only applies to “Right People.” When “Wrong People” say something unflattering about “Right People,” it is automatically “hate speech” and deserves severe punishment!
Destructive rioting, where property is wantonly destroyed and innocent people harmed, is a sacred “right,” conferred only upon “Right People.” Conversely, when “Wrong People” peaceably assemble, they are always considered bigoted racists, reactionaries, “enemies of the State,” and it is a good thing when they’re beaten-up and disbursed by “Right People.”
“Private property” is a myth, entertained only by “Wrong People.” “Right People” enjoy a sacred right to burglarize homes, vandalize, and steal, so long as only “Wrong People” suffer.
“Freedom of Religion” only applies when you’re in the “Right Religion.” Jews, Christians need not apply!
Even rape, murder can be considered good things, so long as they’re visited exclusively upon “Wrong People.” After all, they deserve it!
Thus, “Right People” comprise an exclusive “special class,” enjoy all kinds of special privileges/benefits/immunity (ever denied to “Wrong People”), and are everlastingly protected, supported, enfranchised, and apologized-for by Democrats.
All while “Wrong People” have clearly become “second-class citizens,” despised and persecuted, victimized by criminals, enjoy no protection, are never appreciated (much less, thanked).
“Right People” are becoming the majority (which has been “The Plan” all along). Hence, Democrats may never lose another “election.” Of course, non-citizens who are unlawfully in this Country cannot legally vote, but Democrats have never been concerned with voter-fraud, so long as they benefit.
“Wrong People” thus look forward to a murky future.
“Wrong People” have precious few friends, and getting fewer!
“Democracy is ever-temporary.
One cannot exist as a permanent form of government.
Democracy continues only until voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.
From that moment, ‘the majority’ invariably votes for candidates who promise the most largesse, with the result that every democracy collapses over loose fiscal policy, hyper-inflation
… always followed by a dictatorship.”
Alexander Tyler