15 Apr 24
“Fate makes no appointments, nor does it wait! You have to be alert and ready the instant it arrives.”
Shopping mall stabbing in Sidney, Australia, Saturday, 13 Apr 24
Six unsuspecting, innocent shoppers were murdered at a busy shopping mall in Sidney, Australia last Saturday afternoon.

A number of other innocents were non-fatally injured by this perpetrator (including an infant) during the same

This murderous attack lasted only four minutes. It surely would have gone-on longer were it not for decisive, armed police intervention.
Perpetrator was a 40-year-old man (now dead) with “mental-health issues.” He was familiar to local police!
Perpetrator was ultimately confronted by, and immediately shot-to-death by, a uniformed, armed, decisive police officer, who courageously took the fight to him!
Of course, in Australia “ordinary citizens” have been forcibly disarmed by vile leftist political hypocrites (similar to ours)!
Of note:
The first victim of this felon’s murderous rampage was an young male “security guard” (uniformed, but unarmed), his first day on the job!
The rest of the victims this VCA deliberately targeted and selected, were all women.
1) Unarmed “security guards” are a joke! Never expect them to protect anyone, including themselves.
2) In the minds of many VCAs (apparent in this case), women make easier victims than men.
3) When a VCA decides that he can take you, you’ve only seconds (maybe less) to convince him otherwise!
4) What we call “mindset,” is a complicated matter. Anyone of normal intelligence can be trained to operate a gun, even pass some arbitrary “qualification course.”
Yet, simultaneously developing a survival-oriented, personal “mindset” is more complicated and delves into your very nature and spirit.
The police officer in this case “passed the test,” to her credit.
For the rest of us, the time to start refining our personal “mindset” is now, while we still can!
Two kinds of pain: The pain of discipline, the pain of regret. We can avoid one, but never both!