19 May 24
2024 NRA Show, last day
Attendance at this year’s NRA Show was significantly lighter than in past years, according to people with whom I talk. In fact, some vendors are more than a little upset with the light attendance!
Many current NRA members are disturbed with the organization as it was run under the recently-deposed regime, and many others have allowed their memberships to lapse, for the same reason.
Tomorrow, competent leadership will be restored, with any luck!
We need a strong NRA to fight effectively for our 2A rights against Marxists, who have taken-over the
Democrat Political Party.
Some final observations:
I carried CZ’s version of the G19 (called the “P10C”) for a number of months, and never had any complaints. Today, I handled their “P10S,” which is smaller and specifically designed for concealed carry.
And, CZ is now producing a version of the P10S with a low-profile Holosun RDO already mounted. Iron sights are still clearly visible and usable. Called the “TALO,” it retails for $650.00 (when iron sights are not useable, nor visible, through a mounted pistol RDO, the whole system becomes a good deal less functional for serious applications)
Del-Ton, long-time makers of mid-priced M4s, are now making and marketing a pistol. Del-Ton’s “DT20″ is a thin concealment pistol (9mm), the size of a SIG365. The DT20 is a thirteen-shooter and retails for $400.00
Shield Arms is making a bracket that allows one to mount an RDO on a S&W J-Frame, five-shot revolver. Amazing!
Ohio Ordnance makes an exact copy of the WWII-era, tilting-bolt BAR. It’s semi-auto only, chambered for 30-06 (7.62×63), available with and without a bipod.
It’s a wonderful, and I’m sure a treasured, piece of history, enjoyed and venerated by owners. And, it’s indeed a shooter, but at twenty pounds a little unwieldy, and at $7.8k a little pricy!
Ohio Ordnance also makes a lighter version, designed for more practical purposes, called the “HCAR.” Still in 30-06 caliber, the HCAR is streamlined (doesn’t look anything like a BAR), has an integral Picatinny rail, and weighs-in at ten pounds. At $6.5k, it’s still expensive, but a serious and usable rifle.
Next year’s NRA Show and Conference will be in Atlanta, GA, hopefully under happier circumstances.