4 Apr 24
“It’s dangerous business, going out your front door!”
JRR Tolkien
Solar Eclipse, 8 Apr 24 (Mon)
Friends in the System tell me that we were extremely lucky there were no major Islamic terrorist incidents on Easter Sunday, but we may not be so lucky on 8 Apr 24, Monday next!
Nor may we be so lucky on Passover this year (22-30 Apr 24)
On 2 Apr 24 (Tues), an air strike by Israeli forces near Damascus, Syria, killed Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps General Mohammad Reza Zahedi and at least six other IRGC officers.
Iran’s official government, along with Syria’s, and affiliated terrorist groups, have been promising some kind of revenge, and we probably won’t have long to wait, and revenge attack(s) can materialize within Israel itself, Europe, and/or the USA.
One event currently of great concern is the solar eclipse on this coming Monday, 8 Apr 24, surely the last such event that will occur during my lifetime!
Eclipses enjoy great significance among a number of the world’s religions, including Islam, and this particular one will draw large crowds across CONUS, particularly in OH, TX.
On Monday, avoid large concentrations of people.
Go armed.
Stay alert.
Stay mobile.
As we’ve seen repeatedly, terrorist are capable of anything!