10 Apr 24
“No ‘Plan of Operations’ extends with certainty beyond first encounter with the enemy’s main strength”
Helmuth von Moltke
Six Months Later:
Friends in Israel tell me that even after events of 7 Oct 23, gun-ownership among private (non-military) Jewish citizens in Israel is still rare.
Among American Jews, the percentage owning guns is much higher (and growing a good deal faster) than in Israel!
In Israel, soldiers and police remain heavily (and visibly) armed, but most citizens still aren’t, although many are now, at long last, waking up!
However, legal gun ownership in Israel continues to be far more onerous than even in NYC, and ammunition is also highly restricted and hard to get. Citizens are limited to owning only one pistol. Heavy restrictions on military rifles make them unobtainable for most.
Currently, the Netanyahu Administration is trying to lift some of the more ridiculous regulations, but there is still much push-back from left-leaning Israeli politicians, who (like American leftists) think they are “too good to own guns” (while simultaneously enjoying protection provided by the armed and ready, whom they piously “look down upon”).
Two lessons that at least some Israelis are finally confronting:
1) The idea that “when we’re just ‘nice’ to Hamas, when we’re good neighbors, they’ll learn to like us” is complete, naive fantasy, and always has been!
How much proof do we need?
Every time innocent Israelis, for that matter innocent Jews (Christians too) anywhere in the world, are brutally murdered, Palestinians everywhere (including those in Dearborn, MI) cheer and celebrate wildly.
From birth, Hamas jihades are taught that violently exterminating Jews and Christians is their duty, and that they should sadistically laugh as they murder (as we witnessed).
That will never change!
2) We’re on our own!
On 7 Oct 23, many Israeli citizens naively believed that police and Army personnel would arrive on the scene in minutes and provide a heavily-armed shield between rabid Hamas murderers and the innocent.
Minutes became hours! Hours became days, and hundreds were raped/murdered/kidnapped in their own homes, and no one showed-up to protect them.
Jews everywhere are now reluctantly confronting the fact that the term, “First Responder,” means them, personally.
Yes, you!
No one else will get there in time to save you, and yours. To expect otherwise is suicidal.
We don’t have to speculate that a barbarous massacre “might occur.” It has occurred, and Palestinians are planning the next one right now!
Epaminondas, “The First Man of Greece,” in 371BC, rebuked naive pacifists in Thebes with the warning that they courted slavery, not peace.