17 May 24
2024 NRA Show and Convention, Dallas, TX
Vicki and I are here in Dallas, TX for the 2024 NRA Show. The Show started today and will go through Sunday.
The high-level political meeting is on Monday!
On Monday, it will be decided who will lead the NRA into the future after the recent ignominious collapse of the previous regime.
Leading the charge for genuine reform is my hero, Buzz Mills, owner of Gunsite, and we are all supporting him!
The Show is big, as always, and tomorrow DJT is scheduled to make an appearance.
Here is what caught my attention today among vendors:
CZ’s Bren 2MS rifle is very nice! At $2k/copy, it’s on the pricy side, but it has a wonderful folding stock that is also extendable. Bolt-handle on the left side, where I prefer it. Takes M4 magazines. Folds-up nicely for low-profile travel.
Another rifle I like is the M+M M10X. Currently chambered only in 7.62×39, it takes AK magazines, and also folds-up nicely. At $1.3k/copy, it makes a very acceptable package for serious purposes.
FN’s flagship 509 pistol (9mm) is popular, and now they’ve added the 509 “Reflex,” a small, thin carry-pistol along the lines of the SIG365, SA Hellcat, Kahr PM9. Not striker-fired, it uses an internal hammer (not visible/accessible from the outside)
The “Gun-Nutz” pistol magazine charging system is amazing! Simple, with no moving parts, it allows people to charge pistol magazines without wear-and-tear on thumbs. Recommended!
A company called Nitecore makes a small tactical (rechargeable) flashlight that puts-out 4k lumens. Their model EDC33. Hard to believe a flashlight that small can be so bright! I picked-up a copy for testing.
Ammo-Up makes a clever device that is designed to pick-up expended brass cartridge cases from a cement or carpeted floor. It doesn’t work well on gravel, and it doesn’t pick-up 22 rimfire cases, but it is still useful on indoor ranges. They’ve now added a hand-held version called the “Stab,” which is handy for quickly picking-up small quantities of brass, all without kneeling, nor bending-over. At under $100.00, it will save a lot of time!
I handled Stoeger’s Turkish-made STR9 pistol (9mm). It’s basically a G19, but at $400.00, it represents a pretty good deal for cost-conscious consumers.
Shadow System’s American-made MR920FS (a copy of which I’m carrying right now) fits the same role, is far more elegant, but retails at $700.00
As Doc Gunn reminds us, we’re Americans, and we have choices!
More tomorrow!