26 Nov 22   “It never troubles a wolf how many the sheep be!”   Plato   “Jugging”   “Jugging” is the new term used to describe what have been otherwise called “follow-home-robberies”   With crime currently breaking all records, complements of the JRB Administration, it is not surprising to hear about an exponentially worsening […]


23 Nov 22   “Until we re-discover our national values that for centuries have allowed us to rise above our natures and act as civilized men and women, our country will continue to suffer steady deterioration, that disturbs us all.”   Tom DeLay   In reviewing comments on the Colorado Springs shooting incident of last […]


22 Nov 22   “…if by life or death I can save you, I will!”   – J Tolkien   Just before midnight last Saturday, at a well-known LGBTQ bar and night-club in Colorado Springs, a single VCA, without warning, entered the establishment and started shooting people who were there.   Witnesses describe the shooting […]


15 Nov 22   “Time obliterates naive fictions of opinion and confirms decisions of nature”   Cicero   Ambrose Burnside, designer of the short-lived Burnside Carbine, and Civil War General (of dubious fame), went on the become Governor of the State of Rhode Island, Senator from the State of Rhode Island, famous advocate for veterans, […]

Happy and Dead?

12 Nov 22   Going armed!   Last week, a teenage girl in CA was precipitously attacked and badly mauled, while in her own backyard, by a pack of five large dogs (owned by a neighbor).   Another neighbor (unarmed) heard the girl’s screams and tried to intervene, but the dogs soon turned-on him and […]

More on “Bruen”

9 Nov 22   “We the people are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution.”   Lincoln   At the heart of “Bruen,” from friends close to the issue:   It’s the heart of our Constitution’s Bill of Rights that […]


8 Nov 22   “Live truth, instead of just professing it.”   Elbert Hubbard   More on the recent “Bruen” Decision by SCOTUS, from friends close to the issue:   “‘Bruen’ represented an opportunity for SCOTUS to confirm that the only legitimate ‘Standard of Review’ for Constitutionality of laws and ordinances affecting our Second Amendment […]

“Bill of Privileges?”

3 Nov 22   Feudalism!   “Who fancy themselves ‘The (permanent) Ruling Class’ don’t care about public safety.   Having made it difficult for states and localities to police locally (de-funding police), having left citizens no choice but to protect ourselves as best we can, they now intend to forcibly take our guns away from […]

“Let them eat cake!”

31 Oct 22   “Four general maxims:   1) Your motives are not as altruistic as they seem to you.   2) Don’t over-estimate your own meritoriousness.   3) Don’t expect others to take as much interest in you as you do   4) Don’t arrogantly imagine that most people give enough thought to you […]


26 Oct 22   Watch these experts!   On Sunday last (24 Oct 22), a gun-carrying amateur in GA was in a local Walmart with a pistol (brand unknown) stuffed in his waistband (absent a holster), a practice sometimes called “Mexican Carry.”   His pistol predictably slipped out of its precarious perch and fell down […]

Basic Right!

25 Oct 22   “Genocide will commence shortly after they force us to turn-in our guns. That’s the way it always happens!”   Marshall   Sunday next, 30 Oct 22, Brazilians will be voting in a general election that will determine if current president, Jair Bolsonaro, will remain in office.   Since Bolsonaro’s election in […]


20 Oct 22   “Are not dreams of poets, and tales of travelers, notoriously false?”   HP Lovecraft   American soldiers patrolling the German countryside after “VE Day” (8 May 1945) were routinely shot at (more than a few were killed) by disgruntled former Nazi soldiers, by civilians in some cases.   These attacks took […]

When in Bear Country ….!

18 Oct 22   Coming to a “park” near you, maybe even a back yard!   Last Sunday, a ten-year-old boy was attacked  in his own back yard by a black bear, who apparently considered it his back yard!   The bear was chased-off by relatives, but the boy suffered significant injuries, albeit not life-threatening. […]


12 Oct 22   “Creepy, slovenly, sleazy, amoral leftists who smugly justify their own sloth, cowardice, criminality, and disgraceful dishonor as acceptable ways of living, with the unwavering support of Democrat politicians, who themselves are, without fail, individually worthy of the same description”   Anon   Within the last two weeks, there have been at […]

Mondragon Rifle

6 Oct 22   “Many think they are ‘thinking,’ when there are merely rearranging their prejudices.”   William James   The Mondragon Rifle, among the first military autoloaders!   As WWI ended in 1918, enlightened war planners around the world universally concluded that bolt-action military rifles were now obsolete. It was only naive politicians and […]

Big-game hunting, 2022!

30 Sept 22   “For us, hunting isn’t  ‘sport.’   It was a way to be intimate with nature, an intimacy providing us with wild, unprocessed food free from pesticides and hormones and with the bonus of having been produced without the addition of great quantities of fossil fuel.   In addition, hunting provides us […]

Beyond the Pale!

27 Sept 22   “The one willing and able to employ force, makes the rules”   Brunken   Since 2015, FL’s “Hurricane Gun Law” allows citizens without concealed-carry permits to carry guns concealed for an arbitrary two days during mandatory evacuations.   Looters are known to be omnipresent during weather evacuations, and have a well-earned […]


20 Sept 22   Trends:   Friends in the distribution business are telling me:   1) 7.62×39, and particularly 5.45×39 (Soviet), rifle ammunition is currently in short supply on this side of the Atlantic.   Ammunition in these two calibers that is manufactured in eastern Europe (and subsequently speedily consumed in the Balkans) is all […]


18 Sept 22   “Your hypocrisy insults my intelligence.”   Toba Beta   Isn’t it ironic that after working so hard to disarm private citizens, and simultaneously de-fund and otherwise weaken local police, Democrats now want private citizens (presumably unarmed) to step-up and be “The Tip of the Spear,” in confronting armed and violent criminals? […]


14 Sept 22   When you want to see the latest Quips at Locals.com, you can use this link:   defense-training.locals.com/content/articles/playlists/4419   It does not require user registration.   You can also view Quips at:   defense-training.locals.com/newsfeed   as I indicated in my last Quip, but you’ll be required to register at Locals.   Either […]