22 Mar 23   ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association) Annual Conference, St Louis, MO, 2023   Vicki and I just departed St Louis, MO when we attended the 2023 ILEETA Convention. Both Vicki and I presented Classes there.   We’re now on our way to Dallas, TX for the 2023 Tac-Com, hosted […]


16 Mar 23   Historical Literacy:   As the Ukraine Invasion grinds on and on, Russia has sadly seen amazing numbers of its armored vehicles, trucks, transports of all kinds, etc destroyed wholesale by Ukrainian forces, or simply abandoned by their crews, because they broke-down or ran out of gas!   Losses have been staggering. […]

Faith in Fluff

15 Mar 23   “‘Shelter in place!’ will always be the bean-counter’s directive. They want only to be able to ‘account’ for everyone.   Dead or alive is all the same to their mission, so long as you are ‘accounted for’”   Gochenour   “Restraining” orders!   A current, court-issued “restraining order,” along with CCTV […]

Same old tactics!

14 Mar 23   “There’s an attrition that takes place inside, one in which options and choices and even desires are ground ever smaller until finally their existence can no longer be confirmed by observation.   … until desire is a ghost.”   Doug Dorst   Some things never change!   On the “Eastern Front” […]

Doing nothing!

10 Mar 23   “The beauty of doing nothing is that ‘nothing’ can always be done perfectly!   Indecisiveness and procrastination are thus chosen ways of life for most. They follow the course of least resistance, which is to do nothing. This provides a security blanket of never being ‘wrong,’ never making mistakes, never being […]


9 Mar 23   Observations, as our world continues to deteriorate:   When the WTC Towers collapsed, one consistent point I observed was the critical value of practicing E&E (Escape and Evasion) at the earliest juncture.   Many died in the South Tower, because they heeded orders from NY/NJ Port Authority Police who told them […]

The worm that destroys!

1 Mar 23   “Corrupt politicians make the other ten-percent look bad.”   Henry Kissinger   “The competent need not apply!”   This from friends in the System:   “It is difficult to grasp just how badly our officers corps, along with our military’s ability to conduct warfare, has been compromised by woke politics and […]


28 Feb 23   “We trained hard, but every time we were beginning to form-up into coherent teams, we would be suddenly ‘reorganized!’   I was to learn later, perhaps because we are so good at organizing, that we tend to meet every new situation by ‘reorganizing.’   And, a wonderful method it can be […]

“Safe Circus?”

26 Feb 23   Safe?   Last night (Sat) in Amherst, NY (ranked “Safest City in America” for a number of years) what the ever-dishonest media calls “several large fights” broke-out in the parking lot of an upscale grocery store. Cause not reported.   “Several large fights” is media code for “large-scale riot”   This […]

Short Supply!

24 Feb 23   “What you don’t have is always important!”   Botha   NATO’s current Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, is frantically urging all members to immediately ramp-up production of weapons and ammunition, military ordnance of all kinds!   Artillery shells and small-arms ammunition are in particularly short supply, due to the rate at which […]

Call to Arms!

22 Feb 23   Riflemen Rule!   Since the beginning of Putin’s military invasion of Ukraine last year, citizens in neighboring Poland have been voluntarily signing-up, in droves, joining the Infantry Branch of Poland’s Territorial Defense Force, their “National Guard”   Modern Polish citizens, teachers, farmers, bankers, industrial workers, are rediscovering their ancient warrior heritage. […]

Willful ignorance!

20 Feb 23   Trends: Blushing liberals who have recently become gun-owners.   In our increasingly unstable world, particularly in and near crime-ridden metro areas in this country, retail sales of guns and ammunition continues to accelerate, despite all efforts on the part of woke politicians to “discourage” private possession of guns (for everyone but […]


14 Feb 23   “Our (Communist) party has relied on struggle up to this day, and must rely on struggle to win the future. Grasp clearly the grand trend that the East is rising, while the West is declining.”   Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, and current president of the PRC […]


13 Feb 24   “There is a fine line between naivety and optimism; out of goodwill, some people cross that line”   Omar Cherif   “Prohibited Person”   In most states, criminal defendants pleading guilty to (or being found guilty of) certain violent felonies, as well as a variety of domestic abuse offenses, lose their […]

Marijuana Ruling!

8 Feb 23   New Federal Court Ruling, in the wake of Bruen!   Last week, a federal judge in OK ruled that federal law prohibiting marijuana users from legally acquiring and owning guns is unconstitutional, insisting that this federal regulation is inconsistent with our nation’s historical tradition of firearm regulation (relying on guidance from […]

Post-Factual Grassland!

4 Feb 23     “Mentally Ill,” or Just Evil?   “To expect evil men not to do wrong is madness!”   Marcus Aurelius   Toronto, Canada lies just across Lake Ontario from Buffalo, NY.   Before the Trudeaus took control of Canada, Toronto was a charming, clean, safe city that was heavily visited by […]

Things are looking up in Israel!

2 Feb 23   “Terrorists want to die, but only on their own terms.   Our goal is to grant them half their wish!”   Phil Messina   Israel’s National Security Minister, Itamar Ben Gvir, (whom I quoted two days ago) is making big changes at his Ministry’s Firearm Licensing Department, making it vastly easier […]

Bibi is Back!

31 Jan 23′   “Sometimes, ‘de-escalation’ does not represent a legitimate, nor a viable, solution to determined criminal violence”   Anonymous CO Sheriff   Bibi is back!   Nine Palestinians in the Jenin refugee camp were killed on Thursday during a three-hour-long gun battle between IDF Operators and Islamic Jihad terrorists.   Israelis are, once […]


24 Jan 23   Rich punks!   Arrested perps from recent Atlanta, GA rioting, guilty of shooting police officers, massive destruction of property, and a host of other crimes of violence, as it turns out are mostly rich, white punks from places other than Atlanta!   In stark resurrection of the murderous “Weather Underground” of […]

SHOT Show, Last Day

20 Jan 23   2023 SHOT Show, Last Day:   The 2023 SHOT Show is now over. From what I saw, it was the biggest I’ve ever been to!   The entire Sands Convention Center, both floors, plus all the ballrooms, plus the entirety of the adjacent (and enormous) Cesar’s Forum were completely filled with […]