“Good Old Days”

13 June 24 “Be prepared to be unprepared” JV Jones Incidents of OISs (Officer-Involved Shootings) are spiking right now, particularly in our metro areas. With our contentious election-year in full-swing, deadly violence (some political, some “regular”) will continue to increase exponentially. Owing to our open borders, new “911 Events” are likely! Normal-capacity magazines on modern […]

More Dogs!

11 June 24   More on Dogs:   Many sage comments received from my last Quip!   Here are some points that should be added:   1) Do not insert yourself in-between fighting dogs!   Attempting to break-up a dogfight physically, by intervening with your own body, is pretty much a guarantee of severe bodily […]


10 June 24   Dogs   The City of Los Angeles’ Department of Animal Services maintains several animal shelters, including the one where a near-fatal dog attack occurred several days ago.   A kennel supervisor at this particular shelter (with twenty years experience) was nearly killed during a precipitous dog attack.   The dog involved […]

“Random,” the fraudulent modifier

7 June 24   “Random?”   Last Wednesday in OH, a mother and her three-year-old child were victims of a precipitous stabbing attack in the parking-lot of a local grocery store, in the middle of the day!   Attacker and victims were unknown to each other.   The child died as a result. His mother […]

DTI Web Page back up!

7 June 24   Our DTI Web Page at defense-training.com is back up, and “normal,” once again!   Our Web Host (Godaddy) was unable to explain, in any intelligible manner, why it was “suspended” yesterday.     I can only assume, like most “woke” employers these days, they employ an army of incompetent and erstwhile unemployed […]

“Vain and Ambitious”

6 June 24   “We Own the Streets!”   In Marxist ideology, an “army” is required to impose (by force) classic feudalistic dogma upon innocent citizens.   It’s the strategy ever employed by Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, and many others among the beasts of history.   For our current gaggle of “vain and ambitious” […]

DTI Web Page

6 June 24   Our DTI Web Page at defense-training.com is down temporarily, for some unknown reason!   We’re working feverishly to get it back up!   In the interim, when you want to register for a DTI Course, call me directly at 970 227 2237   I’ll take care of everything from here!   […]

Cuckoo’s Nest!

30 May 24   “You’re on Earth. There’s no cure for that!”   Samuel Beckett   Mental Illness:   We’re experiencing today a national disaster that has taken decades to unfold!   Starting in the 1960’s with then Governor Reagan in CA, and subsequently perpetuated by then President Carter in the 1970s, state-run “psychiatric hospitals” […]

Memorial Day, 2024

27 May 24   “Memorial Day,” also know as “Decoration Day,” has been celebrated annually in the USA  (on assorted dates) since 1868.   Since 1971, various “Memorial Days” have been consolidated and jointly celebrated on the last Monday in May.   Today, in solemn commemoration, Vicki and I attended our Memorial Day Celebration here […]


25 May 24   “Cultivate your capacity for surprise”   Richard Barron   “The List”   Violent insurgencies worldwide have always carefully collected names and addresses of “counter-revolutionaries”   These names include military (particularly the Spc Op Community), media, police, political officials and their families, “reactionaries,” who have a history of boldly speaking-out against Communism, […]

2024 NRA Show, Last Day

19 May 24   2024 NRA Show, last day   Attendance at this year’s NRA Show was significantly lighter than in past years, according to people with whom I talk. In fact, some vendors are more than a little upset with the light attendance!   Many current NRA members are disturbed with the organization as […]

NRA Show, 2nd Day

18 May 24   NRA Show, Second Day   Today, DJT spoke, as promised. We did not personally attend, but he received NRA’s enthusiastic official endorsement, as expected. There were news reports of protestors outside, but we didn’t see any.   In the vendor area:   Savage’s “Stance” Pistol is flat (9mm, single column) and […]

2024 NRA Show and Convention, Dallas, TX

17 May 24   2024 NRA Show and Convention, Dallas, TX   Vicki and I are here in Dallas, TX for the 2024 NRA Show. The Show started today and will go through Sunday.   The high-level political meeting is on Monday!   On Monday, it will be decided who will lead the NRA into […]


16 May 24   “It’s not about what people claim.   It’s about what the other side believes you might do to them.”   John Mearsheimer   On 8 Feb 24, at a swank concert in Scottsdale, AZ, a woman (an attendee) noticed an angry, drunken man tearing-down barricades at the event’s entrance.   She […]


14 May 24   “… and sometimes the Circus comes to you!”   A random knife attack took place on Times Square (NYC) this last Saturday.   A “disabled person,” sitting in a wheel chair on a sidewalk suddenly jumped-up and stabbed a female tourist with a long knife.   The perpetrator then sat back […]

Regret in Heaven!

8 May 24   Few things in this world upset me more than witnessing unworthy scum-bags desecrating/vandalizing our nation’s national monuments, particularly our war memorials!   These craven buffoons, none of whom ever served their country, are unfit to stand in the shadow of heroes who fought and died, along-side me, in Vietnam!   Their […]


4 May 24   “It never troubles a wolf how many the sheep be!”   Plato   A long-time friend, currently living in the LA area, called yesterday expressing concern for the physical safety of himself and family.   He is Jewish, and like most of my Jewish friends, not particularly religious. Only rarely does […]

Upside Down!

1 May 24   “In the City of Constance (present-day southern Germany) on 6 July 1415, John Hus was burned at the stake by the Catholic Church for the ‘heresy’ of criticizing corrupt Church practices that were not supported by Scripture (much as Martin Luther did a century later).   Curiously, Hus’ personal safety had […]

AGAG Annual Conference

30 Apr 24   A Girl and a Gun, Annual Conference, Cameo Range Complex, Palisades (Grand Junction), CO   The AGAG Annual Conference (25-28 Apr 24) just concluded, and Vicki and I were both there, both conducting Classes. We were joined by sixty other instructors!   Attendees numbered over seven hundred. This is a huge […]


23 Apr 24   Update, from a friend in Israel:   “What has saved many innocent Jewish lives in the past manifested itself, once again, yesterday:   ‘Terrorist weapons that are poorly made, poorly maintained’   Two teenage Islamic terrorists drive a car directly into a group of Jews congregated near a synagogue, then they […]