25 May 24
“Cultivate your capacity for surprise”
Richard Barron
“The List”
Violent insurgencies worldwide have always carefully collected names and addresses of “counter-revolutionaries”
These names include military (particularly the Spc Op Community), media, police, political officials and their families, “reactionaries,” who have a history of boldly speaking-out against Communism, socialism, and religious feudalism.
“The List” is carefully maintained, edited by the day, and is never cast away.
In the City of Hue, Vietnam, during the 1968 Tet Offensive, Viet Cong and NVA forces briefly took-over the city.
During their short occupation (four weeks), Communists (consulting their “List”) promptly went to specific addresses, broke-into homes of people on “The List,” and then systematically murdered them and their entire families.
There were a few brief “show-trials,” but most residents of “The List” were hunted-down and murdered the instant they were discovered.
Some were abducted and subsequently murdered, but most were murdered on the spot, via gunfire, being burned alive, being buried alive, clubbed to death. Many were sexually battered and otherwise cruelly tortured prior to being murdered.
Numbers thus massacred will never be known, but surely include many thousands, including a good number of children and infants.
Of course, Hue massacre victims were unarmed, via government edict!
The 7 Oct 2023 Hamas attack/massacre in Israel was more sudden, not as specific, but results and methods were eerily similar.
Once more, unarmed victims make massacres easy. World history, going back thousands of years, is replete with examples.
Makes one wonder if we should ever trust politicians, who themselves remain heavily-protected by armed bodyguards, but who in the same breath self-righteously decree that we “ordinary” citizens are too stupid to own guns!
With our nation currently awash with illegal aliens (by design), including many military-age males, I wonder if we will have long to wait for a planned and well-coordinated Hamas-style attack somewhere within CONUS, likely on a specific community, maybe even within one of our military bases!
Is our population robust, armed, trained, determined, and principled enough to effectively repel it?
Some of us surely are!
But most (particularly our “unarmed forces”), probably not!
“The naive ‘forgive and forget’
The wise may forgive, but never forget!”
Thomas Szasz