Monthly Archives: January 2022

The Choice!

15 Jan 22   “Introducing firearms into a facility is a decision to be made carefully… There are countless considerations, and if organizations overlook them, they may put their congregants at risk”   Mike Masters, CEO, SCN (Secure Community Network)   Here is a not-so-polite “update:”   As we saw taking place today in TX, […]

SHOT Show 2022

15 Jan 22   2022 SHOT Show, Las Vegas, NV   Vicki and I arrived here in Las Vegas, NV yesterday for the 2022 SHOT, Show. Range Day is Monday. The expo itself is at the Venetian (formally the Sands) Convention Center. The Show has expanded this year into the adjacent, and recently-completed, Caesar’s Forum. […]

The List!

9 Jan 22   “A year after the attack on the Capitol, data science is better than ever at predicting insurrections.”   Thursday’s Washington Post   In the wake of the one-year anniversary of the famous 6 Jan 21 protest in Washington DC, Marxicrats have indicated that they just can’t wait to employ “artificial intelligence” […]

No Safe Place!

7 Jan 22   “Weakness brings bullying and war. Strength and determination maintains peace.” Doc Gunn   House-sitting used to be a fairly “safe” occupation, but not now and especially not in CA!   Mansion-ransacking is replacing car-jacking as the favorite sport of CA criminals who, for good reason, don’t fear de-funded police and fear […]


5 Jan 22   “Funny things, accidents. You never have them, until you’re having them!”   AA Milne From a police chief in TX:   “Last week, a fellow and his wife were parked after dark at one of our local convenience stores. Before going into the store, the male (driver) retrieved a kydex IWB […]

“Holy” Politics

4 Jan 22   “When we remember that the German word for ‘holy’ (selig) is the root of our English word, ‘silly,’ we may be forced to make pertinent connections.”   Mary Rose O’Reilley   With regard to the Burlington Coat Factory Store shooting in a Los Angeles, CA shopping center on 23 Dec 21, […]


2 Jan 22   “Why did we become blind?   I don’t think we did ‘go blind.’   I think we are blind, blind but seeing, blind people who can ‘see,’ but do not see.”   Jose Saramago   The PRC (Peoples’ Republic of China) is extremely aggressive in expanding its military influence in the […]