7 Jan 22
“Weakness brings bullying and war. Strength and determination maintains peace.”

Doc Gunn

House-sitting used to be a fairly “safe” occupation, but not now and especially not in CA!
Mansion-ransacking is replacing car-jacking as the favorite sport of CA criminals who, for good reason, don’t fear de-funded police and fear liberal prosecutors even less!
Last week, two women (a housekeeper and a friend) were house-sitting for the owner (who was out of town) of a large home in Beverly Hills.
In the middle of the night, two (maybe three) armed-robbers broke-into the house and, at gunpoint, threatened the two women. The women were zip-tied by the armed intruders, and the criminals then ransacked the house, escaping with unspecified valuables.
The women were not reported to have been otherwise harmed, which means that the robbers (in the unlikely event they are ever identified and arrested) will be charged only with a misdemeanor, will be released immediately, and will never see the inside of a prison!
Welcome to progressive Marxicrat paradise!
Panicked local residents are flocking to Beverly Hills Guns, a self-defined “gun boutique” to purchase whatever guns and ammunition they can find for sale (both of which are in short supply). Self-described liberal gun-ban advocates are suddenly desperate to become gun-owners. As you might suppose, BHG is not known for their discounts!
Imagine that!
And, imagine the shock when these hoards of frantic first-time firearm-seekers just cannot understand why CA has in place (since 1996) a mandatory 10-day waiting period between a NICS check and “go status” for delivery of purchased firearm to the consumer!
When they voted for these Marxicrats, they never imagined that draconian gun laws would ever apply to them!
“‘Emergencies’ have always been the pretext upon which individual liberty has been eroded. And once freedom has been suspended, it is not difficult for anyone who has assumed such ‘emergency powers’ to see to it that the ‘emergency’ persists.”
FA Hayek