4 Jan 22
“When we remember that the German word for ‘holy’ (selig) is the root of our English word, ‘silly,’ we may be forced to make pertinent connections.”
Mary Rose O’Reilley
With regard to the Burlington Coat Factory Store shooting in a Los Angeles, CA shopping center on 23 Dec 21, in which a violent offender was shot to death by officers of the LAPD, but where an innocent girl (unseen in a dressing room) was also unintentionally killed, by police gunfire, during the same incident, some are now predictably calling for the officer who did the shooting (with an M4) to be prosecuted, and for police tactics to, once more, be “completely revised”
Of course, critics never seem to be able to get specific on exactly what “revisions” are necessary!
One critic said to me that officers must be “absolutely positive” that no “bad outcome” can possible result any time they resort to gunfire.
The flaw in that pious-sounding argument is that no OIS has ever, nor could ever, meet that standard!
For police (or armed citizens for that matter) to offer a “guarantee” that “bad outcomes” will never result from any use of deadly force simply means that deadly force can ever be employed, which means that police need to be completely disarmed of guns, knives, batons, tasers, anything that could possible cause “unintentional harm,” either to suspects or bystanders.
The foregoing is, in fact, continuously demanded by Marxist (Democrat) politicians. They demand that police officers, and all citizens, be disarmed. The only exception being, of course, their own personal bodyguards!
With these demands becoming ever-more shrill, working police officers, in order to protect themselves, have little choice but to “revise” tactics as follows:
1. With any emergency call, particularly when violence, gunfire, deadly weapons have been reported, take your time getting there. We need slow response times. With any luck, it will be all long-since over by the time we arrive!
2. Take extreme measures to avoid confronting dangerous suspects. Whatever you do, don’t go looking for them. When you arrive, don’t go in. Stay outside and wait until the violent suspect finishes whatever he is doing.
Wait outside until he either:
>Runs out of ammunition.
>Grows weary of murdering innocent people
>Gets bored
3. While we’re idly waiting for him to finish, maybe we can get some “mental-health experts” to talk with him!
4. Arrest him when he finally gets bored and comes out.
Who want the foregoing to become “standard police procedure,” are getting their wish in many leftist-controlled metro areas right now!
Perhaps police need to come up with a “liability waiver” for businesses and private residences, and businesses need to do the same for customers.
“By entering these premises when you are not prepared to protect yourself from violence, you waive all liability for those who have to respond and confront the evil that you deny exists.”
Something like that. That should solve the problem!
I’m being facetious, of course, but until this nation turns from the dark path it in on, we’re on our own.
Actually, we’re on our own in any event!
“They only understand one language. Learn to speak it!”
Roman Legionnaire Gaius (played by Kirk Woller), in the TV series “Chosen”