17 Jan 22
2022 SHOT Show, Range Day
Range Day featured a number of manufacturers, and a few were missing, as noted below!
I have much respect for manufacturers who are not afraid to bring their wares to the Range and allow us to shoot them and form opinions.
Of note:
The BRG Pistol! This is a Turkish-made, compact 9mm carry gun (17-shooter) that looks and feels a lot like an SA/XD, and fits nicely into an XD holster. Grip-safety and tactile loaded-chamber indicator are identical to those on an XD. Variable grip geometry.
Vicki’s small hands could still reach the trigger.
I like it! Retails for $500.00
LWRC, Ruger, and a few others are now making short “pistols” (w/folding arm-brace) in 5.7mm, similar in size to FN’s P90. I’ve never been a fan of this caliber, but LWRC’s model that I shot ran well, and I surely like the compactness. May represent a good solution to personal security issues for some in some circumstances.
LWRC also makes really nice M4s!
H&K’s VP9SK is a nice compact carry pistol. I’ve had many “normal size” VP9s in Classes, and all have run well. Now H&K, and a number of others, are really concentrating on the compact, flat (single-column or “column-and-a-half) carry guns in 9mm.
Lots of people want to start carrying guns these days, including many women (courtesy of our current Democrat-induced violent crime-wave), and manufacturers are producing products that appeal to this need!
Another new pistol that falls into this category is the CR920 from Shadow Systems. A flat, 11-shooter that runs very well. My SS/MR920 has been my carry-pistol for the past year, and then some. It has never hiccuped, despite inexcusable neglect and lack of maintenance!
Shadow Systems makes a great product!
Aimpoint’s T1/H1, and T2/H2 (which continue in production) have been superceded by the CompM5B. Same size, but this new system features a dot that can be quickly and automatically adjusted to ranges, from 100m to 400m. It’s a nice military feature, but most of our domestic defensive shooting is under 100m, so this new capability is largely irrelevant for us.
The Aimpoint ACRO is smaller, not quite as precise, but perfect for most of what we need to do with rifles and shotguns!
Umarex is a company that makes high-quality airguns, and they are now making a model that shoots 20ga (61 caliber) slugs! The go downrange at 750f/s. Too big for most rodents!
Tomorrow is the first day of 2022 SHOT Show proper!

Some big vendors (SIG, Beretta) will not have a presence due to concerns over Covid. I understand, but the ones who do show-up really enjoy my respect!

More tomorrow!