2 Jan 22
“Why did we become blind?
I don’t think we did ‘go blind.’
I think we are blind, blind but seeing, blind people who can ‘see,’ but do not see.”
Jose Saramago
The PRC (Peoples’ Republic of China) is extremely aggressive in expanding its military influence in the straits surrounding Taiwan, as well as in Taiwan’s air space. A military invasion is likely soon, as the PRC is confident that a confused and floundering USA, along with the rest of a weak NATO, will snivel and whine, but do little else.

The PRC is simultaneously active, politically and economically, in Australia, South America, Africa, and the USA.

Massive PRC intelligence units are actively engaged in a relentless international effort to infiltrate social media and gather, analyze, and weaponize data about governments, individuals, and private organizations perceived to be “threats” to Beijing.
As a burgeoning industrial super-power, the PRC has an insatiable lust for raw materials and production capacity, and they now have in-place an extensive international network of paid-off mouthpieces/apologists among “news commentators,” (in some cases entire news networks) sports figures, media corporations, and leftist political allies.
The world’s nations (including the USA), at their own peril, continue to naively underestimate the sheer ruthlessness of the Xi and his PRC!
Strategic objectives of the PRC, all publically articulated, include complete world domination before their hundred-year celebration in 2049 of the 1949 founding of the PRC.
They’re right on schedule!