31 Jan 22
Crime Wave!
“When a citizen affirmatively practices ‘avoidance,’ lethal force in defense of one’s own continued good health is rarely necessary, but when it is, it is acutely necessary, and nothing less will suffice. Displaying and/or discharging a gun is not always an acceptable solution to deadly conduct on the part of violent criminals who imminently threaten you. But, when lethal force is ‘the solution,’ it is usually the only solution!”
Self-Defense Axiom
This morning, a uniformed fire fighter in CA, responding to a fire alarm, was shot and killed in an apparent ambush.
No arrests thus far.
For the foreseeable future, violent crime will necessarily continue to expand exponentially within Democrat-run metro areas, as we see!
After months of denial, some Democrat mayors are finally, sheepishly acknowledging violent crime is a “problem” in their cities and are promising to “do something” about it.
Of course, the “something” Democrats predictably identify as the cause of violent crime is always “gun violence,” which means to them that guns need to be banned from possession of all good and law-abiding citizens, who don’t commit crimes!
The foregoing is, without fail, the certain Democrat “solution” to crime, and the only “solution” they ever put forth.
Pro-criminal policies and “prosecutors,” along with Democrat-initiated police de-funding and de-equipping, are never even mentioned!
Recent train-yard robberies in Los Angeles netted violent criminal gangs untold numbers of guns that were in shipment, but local Democrats can only focus on taking guns away from honest citizens, who don’t commit crimes.
No surprise here!
The three goals Democrat/Marxist relentlessly work toward are:
just as they’ve achieved in Venezuela!
All their pious, self-serving rhetoric never seems to bring-about anything else. If the forgoing, is not their goal, why do they keep producing it?
They hate capitalism, capitalists, and economic freedom. They hate individual liberty. And, they really hate our Second Amendment!
They always have!
Naive Democrat voters, who have notoriously short memories, are instructed by the likes of prominent Democrat politicians, like Maxine Waters, that precipitously visiting physical violence upon anyone wearing a MAGA cap, and all others who are otherwise hesitant about blindly supporting Marxist dogma, mercilessly battering them and destroying their property is not only “justified,” it is the patriotic duty of all Democrats, and they needn’t worry about being held to account by Democrat prosecutors!
Meanwhile, other Democrat politicians simultaneously profess to worry about the “violent crime problem!”
Thus, “Government” won’t protect you! Democrats love only “victims,” and are ever-anxious to produce more.
The crime situation will only wax worse.
As I keep saying, we’re on our own!