28 Jan 22
“Is there no virtue among us? If there is not, we are without hope! No form of government, existing or theoretical, will keep us from harm. To think that any government, in any form, will insure liberty and happiness for an dishonorable population represents the height of self-deception.”
James Madison
A brutal Russian military invasion of Ukraine, or Poland, seemed so far-fetched just weeks ago!
World history is funny that way!
Now, invasion is here and imminent, with the (as-always) clueless and unprepared JRB Administration nonchalantly telling brave Ukrainians they’re on their own, and then running off to obsess over “climate change!”
It makes me wonder if any of the fools who voted for JRB would purchase their own rifle and then step-up to join a state guard unit here in the USA, tasked with a border protection, as courageous Ukrainians, of all ages, all ethnic backgrounds, male and female, are doing in their country right now!
Would a single one of our sissified, gun-phobic, liberal/socialist urban elites, who have been conditioned to look down their noses at their fellow countrymen from rural areas, particularly veterans, lift a finger to protect and preserve their own freedom?
How many would volunteer to serve as citizen/fighters in a time of grave national crisis?
In Ukraine, it’s 100%!
So, as heroic Ukrainians solemnly accept their sacred duty and prepare for the fight of their lives, here in the USA the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show has been turned-over to filth-spewing, racist, anti-police, anti-veteran, profoundly anti-American “rappers” (the NFL has already offended American veterans by refusing to honor our flag and national anthem)!
And they think they’re so cute!
We’ve created an unchallenged political orthodoxy within which people have convinced themselves that the laws of the universe don’t apply to them, and we dutifully protect them from the logical consequences of their arrogant stupidity.
That “works,” of course, right up to the moment the Visigoths show up!