9 Jan 22
“A year after the attack on the Capitol, data science is better than ever at predicting insurrections.”
Thursday’s Washington Post
In the wake of the one-year anniversary of the famous 6 Jan 21 protest in Washington DC, Marxicrats have indicated that they just can’t wait to employ “artificial intelligence” to predict future civil unrest in America which will include software designed to “categorize” all American citizens by “social score.” imitating China’s current all-encompassing “surveillance state.”
Automatically included on “The List” of potential “wrong thinkers” are Christians, Jews, gun-owners, LEO retirees, military veterans, SUV-owners, conservative commentators, military historians, historians in general, capitalists, critics of BLM/ANTIFA, members of “dissident organizations” (NRA, Republican Party, etc), et al
The craven American Left, utterly amoral and desperate to cement and expand their hold on power, are highly predisposed to use AI to identify and surveil all such “subversives” and other “enemies of the state.”
“The impure,” who thus find themselves with a “failing social score” will also soon find themselves unemployed, marginalized, impoverished and otherwise targeted by sanctions designed to help them “get their mind right”
Another hated minority, “the unvaccinated,” are enjoying those very sanctions right now!
Using so-called “AI” to mandatorily categorize and “score” all citizens is a weapon Joe Stalin could have only dreamed about!
“‘Fascism’ is political behavior marked by an excessive preoccupation with ‘community decline,’ humiliation, or ‘victimhood’ and by compensatory cults of ‘unity,’ ‘energy,’ and ‘purity’ through which a mass-based party of committed militants, working in uneasy but effective collaboration with traditional elites, abandon democratic liberties and pursue, with redemptive violence and devoid of any ethical nor legal restraint, goals of ‘internal cleansing’ and external expansion”
Robert Paxton