15 Jan 22

“Introducing firearms into a facility is a decision to be made carefully… There are countless considerations, and if organizations overlook them, they may put their congregants at risk”
Mike Masters, CEO, SCN (Secure Community Network)
Here is a not-so-polite “update:”
As we saw taking place today in TX, all congregants are “at risk” this very minute, and terrorists will predictably be “introducing guns into the facility,” whether there are any already there or not!
When confronted by murderous ideologues, Jews and Christians alike better understand that these rabid fanatics intend to murder everyone they can get control of, no matter what. That unwavering decision is already made, well in advance!
“Negotiate” all you want, but the outcome is never in doubt!
We were lucky this time, and greatly in debt to professional LEO Operators, who know how to “take care of business,” and who don’t apologize!
Until Christians and Jews, particularly members of the clergy, go armed (with appropriate training) , and especially where/when the faithful congregate for religious services, all other so-called “security measures” are little more than pious masturbation, as we see!
The personal decision to never surrender to terrorists, but to go-down fighting (effectively) when necessary, no matter the odds, is the one and only thing that will ever dissuade terrorists!
Dead terrorists, or dead Jews?
It’s one or the other!
We better make-up our minds!
As I recently exited the sanctuary of our small church in CO and entered the lobby, I made contact with our lone security-guy (who remains in the lobby and monitors comings and goings). I asked, “All good?”
He replied that all was well, and then added dolefully, “They won’t let me carry a gun”
I replied courtly, “I don’t ask!”
“Against all odds, a seed rises from darkness and beautifies the universe.
Dare relentlessly!”
Matshona Dhliwayo