24 Jan 22
Worrisome Times!
Last week, our current president’s multiple impairments signaled all too clearly that no rogue nation need worry about any kind of swift and decisive action from a confused, floundering USA!
JRB painfully wheezed his way through a surgically-referenced “press conference,” but even then he went off-script long enough to casually grant Russia permission for a “minor incursion” by Russian military forces into Ukraine, indicating this would not represent a problem for the USA.
Of course, this disastrously conspicuous gaffe instantly panicked the White House Staff, as well as DOD!
As usual, multiple, non-credible “corrective statements” were unconvincingly regurgitated.
One can only wonder what Ukrainians must be thinking, as well as the rest of Eastern Europe!
Does any of this remind you of Hitler promising both FDR and Chamberlain in 1938 that he would not invade Poland?
I’m astonished that the JBR Administration, along with media puppets, have not assured us that they have cleverly engineered, right before our eyes, “Peace in our Time!”