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16 July 99 This was on NPR yesterday: Goofy shows up at the hospital with a gunshot wound in his right leg. He sheepishly explains to the doctors that he accidentally shot himself in the thigh with a 22 RF pistol while trying to stuff it into his belt, under his belt buckle. The bullet […]

Self-inflicted Gunshot Wound

15 July 99 From a friend on the East Coast: “John, This just happened to an acquaintance within the last month (not one of our students): Wanting to clean his Glock 23, Goofy had just started dissembling it when the phone rang. He had just removed the magazine. He set the gun down and answered […]

Comments on Ammunition

15 July 99 This just in from a friend in ammunition sales on the East Coast: “Last week, I came across a department of thirty officers in which the issued service weapon is the S&W Model 65, loaded with factory 357 Mg 125 grain JHP. This is one of the few departments we service who […]


13 July 99 “Perceptual Shorthand, Restating the Obvious” I recently heard a colleague put the issue of victimization this way: “Low-level criminals are not ‘fighters.’ They are ‘victimizers.’ They are not good at ‘fighting,’ nor do they have any interest in it. The successful ones are good only at victimization, and the most important of […]

Krushchev Quote

13 July 99 “…I will not vote for Democrats! it’s too dangerous for the Country…” –Sergei Krushchev, son of former Soviet leader Nikita Khruschev, who became an American Citizen this month and who will vote in his first presidential election next year.

Incident in the Midwest

13 July 99 I just received this from a friend in the Midwest. He is the training officer at a large, municipal police department: “Had an incident here recently on the range. One more reminder that trigger finger placement can’t be a casual matter, and that safety skills ARE tactical skills: A new reserve officer […]


6 July 99 This from a friend in MD. This incident involves an officer from the Montgomery CO Police Department. It took place in April of this year: “While on patrol, Officer Thielke observed Roberts (the suspect) standing next to a car in an apartment complex parking lot in the early evening. The passenger-side door […]

Revolvers in the Philippines

6 July 99 I just received this from a friend in the Philippines. He attended their first ever IDPA match and has this to say: “Only two revolver shooters showed up. One of them was VERY good. He put a lot of autoloader users to shame. And no, he wasn’t using a full-moon clip-capable revolver, […]


30 June 99 This appeared yesterday on a local TV news station in Georgia. It seems that the often touted, transcendental “genetic osmosis” which is supposed to instantly convert all American Southeasterners into gun experts at birth didn’t work in this case: “A prisoner, serving a life sentence at the State Penitentiary, complains of an […]

Comments from a fellow instructor

29 June 99 This is from a friend and fellow instructor in the Midwest. He is describing the kinds of people who come to him for training: “(1) Casual Shooters: Although they don’t train seriously, consider their firearms as little more than magical talismans against evil, and live most of the time in Condition White, […]

Comments from a student

29 June 99 This from a student at a Course in the Midwest, just a week ago: “As you may remember, I had a dead battery in my Jeep on Friday and ________ gave me and____ a ride to our motel. After depositing ____ back to the room, I decided to walk about a mile […]

Incident in the Philippines

21 June 99 This just in from a friend in the Philippines: “I had just come in from a late-night date with some old friends and almost got into a mistaken identity encounter. One of our group brought a bodyguard, but failed to tell any of the rest of us. When we left the restaurant, […]


21 June 99 “A Master of Arms is more important to a civilization than a Master of Arts, because good fighting always precedes good writing.” Marsten /John

Negligent discharge

16 June 99 This just in from California. A female police officer was shot in the head during a recent range exercise. Here is what the subsequent investigation revealed: “A Montclair Police Dept detective, who suffered a near-fatal gunshot wound to her head during firing range practice, accidentally caused the gun to go off when […]

Immature strategy

15 June 99 I was just shown this quotation from a friend by Miyamoto Musashi. It describes a lot of police ‘training’ these days. However, he said it eight hundred years ago. Some things, it seems, never change: “Recently, there have been people professing themselves to be ‘strategists,’ but they are usually just game-players with […]


9 June 99 This from a friend who is with a police department on the West Coast: “I know a Sheriff who is always playing ‘musical guns,’ looking for one that ‘shoots good’ (whatever that means). He can never quite seem to find a handgun that he ‘likes’ (read that: ‘can handle without looking like […]


9 June 99 This from a friend in the Federal System: “BATF is switching from SIG 228s to SIG 229s and 239s in 40S&W. They apparently think the additional power of the 40S&W round more than makes up for the decrease in the number of rounds available. Now that the FBI is issuing all new […]

Even more on 1999 NTI

7 June 99 I also need to mention that I wore my CCC vest from my good friend, Walt Brewer, throughout the entire event, and it performed wonderfully. I’ve seen wearing it ever since. I recommend the lightweight fabric. Walt Brewer CCC PO Bx 237 Saunderstown, RI 02874 888 959 4500 /John

More on 1999 NTI

7 June 99 At this year’s event I used a S&W 4556, smoothed up by my good friend and master gunsmith, Don Johnson, converted to self-decocking (DAO) by my good friend Bert DuVernay and the wonderful folks at the S&W Custom shop, and finally refined my good friend and also master gunsmith, Jim Garthwait. It […]

1999 NTI

7 Jun 1999, (Mon) 6:14pm 1999 NTI This year’s NTI was great, and, once more, I had a chance to see good friends and participate in a number of excellent tactical drills. Much learning, rethinking, and refining took place (on my part)! Skip, Bob, Jim, and the entire crew, as always, worked tirelessly to create […]