Monthly Archives: December 1999

Observations on Gunshot Wounds from the ER

16 Mar 99 This from a friend who works in an ER. His comments on handgun bullet wounds: “I have much observed evidence that shot placement is THE critical factor in quickly disabling a human target. Multiple hits is also an important factor. I saw wounds with all calibers, to all regions of the body. […]

Shooting Sports, from the Philippines

14 Mar 99 This from a friend in the Philippines with regard to a recent IDPA Orientation Match there: “The orientation shoot just ended today, and we had thirty-six shooters, mostly IPSC and some PPC guys. We relaxed the rules on equipment, so that everyone could get an idea of what IDPA and defensive handgunning […]

Fatal Training Incident

10 Mar 99 “A Nebraska state trooper who shot and killed a fellow trooper in a training exercise had forgotten that he had reloaded his weapon during a break, authorities said Friday. Trooper Mark Wagner, 37, a 12-year State Patrol veteran, died as a result of a single, unintentional, gunshot wound to the chest. During […]

More on .357 Sig

3 Mar 99 From a friend who does a lot of training: “The .357 Sig thing is interesting. I’ve seen a dozen or so at _______, and all the Sig brands had problems feeding, case head separations, cratered primers (very common) and pierced primers. One pierced primer flowed back into the firing pin orifice and […]


28 Feb 99 This just in from a friend in the Federal System in response to my last: “Our gun toters in the — had some 127 grain +P Winchester (9mm), and I’m not sure what else. Secret Service is currently using 115 gr +P+, but going to the 357 SIG. Customs uses the 115 […]

Copy of a letter to my colleague, Dave Spaulding

28 Feb 99 Copy of a letter to my colleague, Dave Spaulding: “Dear Dave Thanks for your letter. I’ve just returned form Africa, and I apologize for this response taking so long. With regard to your upcoming article and questionnaire, let me below lay out my thoughts in text. I hope the following adequately answers […]

Latest from Africa

28 Feb 1999, (Sun) 10:11am As you know, I’ve just returned from South Africa. Let me tell you what I found: In conjunction with my colleague of long standing, Henk Iverson, I conducted two Rifle/Shotgun courses while there, one in Capetwon and one in Pretoria. Our students were local cops, farmers, and other non-police. They […]


22 Jan 99 This just in from a friend on the East coast: “Over a period of less than thirty seconds, several officers from a local, Glock-equipped, PD (one hundred sworn), today fired in excess of fifty handgun rounds at a single suspect. The suspect was moving, upright, in the open, and the range was […]

Hammer-Follow Problem

21 Jan 99 A student in a Course in Florida last weekend had a Colt Government Model of new manufacture which had developed a hammer-follow problem. I had to declare it out of service and let him use another gun. We used to see the hammer-follow problem on the old-model Colts (particularly ones with “trigger […]


21 Jan 99 This just in from the ________ State Patrol: “… when Officer _______ walked out of the PD office, the armed (with a pistol) suspect was sitting on the steps of the building. As Officer _________ watched him, the suspect fired a number of rounds. At least one was fired in the direction […]


19 Jan 99 This just in from a friend in the _______ State Patrol: “…we were instructed to blow up a balloon and send it down range (we were on an indoor range, equipped with “to and from,” motorized targets). There was actually a person (working police officer) in our group who was unable to […]

Not carrying off-duty?

While training the police on off duty weapons I came across an officer who does not carry a firearm off duty. I was shocked and amazed. I questioned him and his response amazed me even more. He feels that he is fair and has no enemies, so there is no need to carry off duty. […]