29 June 99

This is from a friend and fellow instructor in the Midwest. He is describing the kinds of people who come to him for training:

“(1) Casual Shooters:

Although they don’t train seriously, consider their firearms as little more than magical talismans against evil, and live most of the time in Condition White, they are still on our side, supportive of gun rights, and we need these people if we are to be able to posses firearms in the future.

(2) ‘Avid’ Shooters:

These are then the Gamesmen. They play at IPSIC, IDPA, etc. Like an incompetent physician, they treat the symptom instead of the disease. They are mostly warrior wannabes who really need to get a life.

(3) Martial Artists:

We train to fight, but the Perfect Warrior is so adept at avoiding conflict that he rarely needs to fight. However, his skills assure that he is always safe as are those whose safety depends upon him.

Therefore, forsake forever the customary display of anger when provoked. Be neutral. Be ‘grey.’ Neither snarl nor smile. Give no indication of what you are thinking or contemplating. Let the idiot depart in peace.”