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20 Oct 99 This from a friend in Wyoming: “Two teenage boys in the Worland area were recently fooling around with a Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk 44 Magnum in the front seat of a truck. One young man decided it would be better to place the weapon on half-cock rather than leave it laying […]

Even MORE accidents

20 Oct 99 From a friend in Michigan: “An on-duty Mt Pleasant police officer accidentally fired his weapon (Glock 22) after dropping it on the floor in his own home. Isabella County Sheriff’s deputies investigated the accidental discharge. The officer, Anthony Leonard, called 911 after dropping his weapon and accidentally firing it when he reached […]

More accidents

15 Oct 99 From a friend in the Midwest: “An officer from the local PD attempted to forcibly enter a vehicle yesterday. A teenager had locked himself inside and refused to come out. The officer struck a side window with the butt of his pistol (brand unknown) in an attempt to break the window. Unfortunately, […]

“Accidental” shooting

13 Oct 99 This from a friend in Tennessee: “In ________ County, TN, the local, inept Sheriff’s department executed a ‘no knock’ search warrant on a local residence a short time ago. The officer who was picked to go in first had worked as a deputy for only three days, had never worked in law […]


12 Oct 99 From an instructor in Texas: “Item of interest that you might wish to pass along to others in relation to rifles, in particular lever actions: Last night I was at our local range shooting a Winchester Model 94 (30-30 caliber). The five-round tube magazine was charged to capacity. I was shooting Winchester […]

More on the blind leading the blind

12 Oct 99 From my friend in the Philippines: “Yup, that kind of thing happens here a lot too. At the last gun show in Manila, folks were required to check their guns in prior to entry. Booths with sandbagged backstops were provided for this purpose. Qualified individuals were on hand to assist visitors in […]

The blind leading the blind?

12 Oct 99 From a friend in NY: “As you know, I work evenings at a large gun store here in western New York. The following took place on 8 Oct 99. A woman (mid-30s) entered our store and approached the pistol case which houses our inventory of Glock pistols. She pointed into the Glock […]

More from IALEFI ’99

8 Oct 99 Some interesting statistics and info from various lecturers at the IALEFI Conference: >78% of people who assault police officers are intoxicated >95% of police officers who reach cover during a shooting incident are ultimately uninjured. >The primary indicator of impending violent resistance on the part of a suspect is the SUSPECT FAILING […]


7 Oct 99 This from a friend in Arizona: “A local Sheriff’s deputy named Richard Carmona came upon a situation in traffic. Carmona is actually a local doctor, but he is associated with the local PD and carries local tin. One car had just rammed another from the rear. The driver of the car that […]

Full-auto kits?

6 Oct 99 This just in from my friend in the Philippines: “A few days ago, I was at the range when two rank beginner shooters showed up, thoroughly excited about their latest gizmos. Both gentlemen carry Glocks, and each of their pistols was fitted with a ‘full-auto’ device which attached to the rear of […]

More on CCW Permits

6 Oct 99 More from the friend in Texas who is applying for out-of-state CCW permits: “Received my State of Maine CCW Permit today! The application form arrived within one week of request. It included a form that you had to sign releasing data concerning your mental health, but the record search confined to State […]


6 Oct 99 We’re here at the annual IALEFI (International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors) Conference, this year in Phoenix, AZ. The conference is only half over, but here are some notes of interest: >Several of my colleagues and I tried, once again, the S&W (Walther) P99 Pistol. We were united in concluding that […]


3 Oct 99 This is from a colleague in Texas: “Here is a recap of permit info I have submitted and the results: Arizona: No Home State Permit Required. Application needs no notary. Fingerprints required. Proof of Training required (16 hour Course by AZ Instructor, OR Approval by DPS, as in my case, as an […]

More on Aftermarket Accessories

1 Oct 99 From a well-known instructor and colleague: “A student in an instructor class of mine had a similar experience several years ago with an aftermarket-ported Glock .40, shooting Cor-Bon ammo. (In addition to being a firearms instructor, he was also a dealer or rep, both for Cor Bon and for the porting system.) […]

Sport Shooting in the Philippines

30 Sept 99 From a friend in the Philippines: “Some folks over here recently ran an IDPA match. One scenario called for a hip shot/speed rock at very close range. A competitor was using a 1911 retrofitted to 40S&W. It was equipped with a Hybrid barrel. (The aftermarket “Hybrid” barrel vents gasses directly upward) He […]

More on the STI LS40

27 Sept 99 I had a chance to extensively shoot the LS40 pistol from STI last weekend at a defensive handgun program in the Midwest. I used an Alessi holster designed for a S&W 4556, but the fit was sufficiently good to make it work in the short term. My Kydex magazine holder made for […]


24 Sept 99 Dave Skinner, a very nice gentlemen who heads up an aggressively innovative company in Houston called STI International, was nice enough to send me a copy of their 40S&W carry pistol called the LS40. I first saw the pistol a short while ago in Buffalo, NY sitting on the desk of my […]

More Pointless Firearms

21 Sept 99 This from a friend in the Philippines: “Another lemon here is the USAS-12, a select-fire 12 gauge shotgun from Korea. Damn heavy. Takes either a ten-round box or twenty-round drum. Shows heavy M16 influence, but at twelve pounds (unloaded) it is highlyunattractive. Lots of bank guards have used for intimidation but later […]


21 Sept 99 This from a friend in the federal system: During a shoot-and-move stage of a local pistol competition two weeks ago, a competitor ran his gun (highly modified 1911 Colt) dry, and the slide locked to the rear. When the competitor exchanged magazines and depressed the slide-release lever, the gun went full auto […]

Pointless Firearms

20 Sept 99 We recently completed several Courses here in the Midwest, both handgun and Rifle/Shotgun. One of our students (a good-natured chap, but a person who needs to do more research before he plunks down a fortune for ostensibly defensive firearms, about which he admittedly knows nothing) brought to the Course an H&K SOCOM […]