16 July 99

This was on NPR yesterday:

Goofy shows up at the hospital with a gunshot wound in his right leg. He sheepishly explains to the doctors that he accidentally shot himself in the thigh with a 22 RF pistol while trying to stuff it into his belt, under his belt buckle. The bullet did not exit and was still lodged in his upper leg.

Of course, X-rays were taken prior to surgery. The X-rays revealed the location of the bullet within the leg. However, they also revealed a SECOND bullet, this one much larger than the 22 and lodged in Goofy’s foot.

When questioned about the second bullet, Goofy (now genuinely embarrassed) explained that he shot himself several years previously, that time with a 1911. On that occasion, he was attempting to stick the Colt (You guessed it!) in his belt, under his belt buckle!

Said the announcer, “Maybe he should consider buying a holster!”

Perfect! I couldn’t have put it better myself.