16 June 99

This just in from California. A female police officer was shot in the head during a recent range exercise. Here is what the subsequent investigation revealed:

“A Montclair Police Dept detective, who suffered a near-fatal gunshot wound to her head during firing range practice, accidentally caused the gun to go off when she lost her grip on the weapon.

Amy Nelson, a 44-year-old mother of three, was handling her .45-caliber, semiautomatic handgun (Colt M1911) on 17 March at the Glen Helen Regional Training Center in Devore, when the gun discharged, causing her injuries.

The results of an investigation into the incident were released Tuesday. The report states that Nelson fumbled with the gun while switching it from one hand to the other. In the process, she accidentally touched the trigger. The bullet struck her in the forehead about an inch below her hairline. Initially, investigators theorized that the bullet may have ricocheted off another object, but that was not the case.

Nelson suffered partial paralysis after the accident. She remembers few details of the shooting

Montclair is about fourty miles east of Los Angeles.”


If you’re careless about which direction your muzzle is pointed, you’ll have it pointed at yourself before you know it! This is no business for the careless, the overly casual, and the nonchalant. True warriors pay attention to what they’re doing.