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4 June 99 This was just given to me by a friend associated with the NTI. Some excellent tactical points made: “The ATSA BEAUTY PARLOR The September 1998 ATSA study day force-on-force (FoF) exercise seemed simple enough when first explained. You dropped your wife/sister/friend (innocent) off at the beauty parlor an hour ago. You remember […]

Duty Gear

3 June 99 This is from a friend in a State Patrol. Is it any wonder why officers aren’t getting the training they need, in spite of all the money being spent? It’s the blind leading the blind! “One of the instructors was dressed in a suit and armed with a Glock 27. He is […]


30 May 99 This from a friend in the testing business: “I recently tested a .357 SIG barrel in my G23. Works like a charm. I fired the .357 SIG against several soft armor samples during a recent test and found that they all were stopped. The 125g. CorBon SIG did penetrate 18 layers of […]


29 May 99 This just in from a lawyer friend in California. It’s a copy of a letter sent to another law firm. Nice to know there are some honorable lawyers of the warrior ilk out there, eh? “Neither my partners nor I would ever feel helpless in the event of a crazy client with […]

From a friend in the Balkans

24 May 99 This just in from a friend in the Balkans. He is working for the UN: “Some local politico decided he was going to engage in some tax extraction at the ‘Arizona Market.’ Now, there’s a man who does not understand the concept of a black market. He gathered the local police, and […]


21 May 99 This from a police officer friend in Maryland: Quoting from a Baltimore Newspaper, dated 8 May 99: “A City police officer shot a woman yesterday after she stabbed him in the back in an apparently unprovoked attack. The injured officer was in uniform, but he and the attacker had never met. Officer […]

More on Shooting Sports

18 May 99 Comments about competitive shooting from several colleagues: “I quit this stuff, right after I faced an armed belligerent while participating in a weekend ‘action shooting’ match. I unexpectedly found myself (while carrying, of course, an unloaded pistol) confronting an enraged drunk, who was wearing a loaded pistol and who thought he was […]

Shooting Sports

17 May 99 This just in from a friend who is trying to compete in IDPA: “They didn’t mind my reloading at the end of each station, but then insisted that I ‘Unload and Show Clear.’ They didn’t mind my scanning but did take objection to my returning to low ready after performing a chamber […]

More on the Glock 30

13 May 99 This from a student who is both an engineer and competent gunman: “I’ve also found that the Glock 30 provides for only a nine round magazine plus one in the chamber. Competition is forcing everyone (designers and engineers) into trying to maximize all features, with no or little attention being made towards […]

Negligent Discharge

12 May 99 A K-9 officer with a small, Midwest police department accidently shot his own dog yesterday. He was “holding a suspect at gunpoint,” and his pistol “just went off.” He spent most of his subsequent TV interview mumbling sheepishly as he looked at his shoes. Lessons: >The cost of putting poorly-trained, incompetent police […]

Glock 30 magazines

12 May 99 I’ve carried a Glock-30 for quite a while now, and, after many rounds launched downrange, I’ve decided that the ostensibly ten-round magazines supplied with the gun are really nine-round magazines. I have decided from now on to put only nine rounds in the magazines as I carry the gun. I’ve run into […]

For you cat lovers!

A newly discovered chapter in the Book of Genesis has provided the answer to “Where do pets come from?” “Adam said, ‘Lord, when I was in the garden, you walked with me every day. Now I do not see you anymore. I am lonesome here, and it is difficult for me to remember how much […]

More on the Coulter piece yesterday

12 May 99 This from a student who read the Coulter piece yesterday: “I despise Clinton not because he is Godless, but because he is self-serving, and dishonest — a crooked, self-interested asshole. The burdens borne by others because of his actions and inactions seem of no import in his considerations at any level. If […]

Commentary from Ann Coulter

11 May 99 This is too good not to read. It’s from Ann Coulter: Commentary from Ann Coulter Two teenaged boys decided to commit murder for the thrill of it — “Just to see what it would be like.” Until committing their carefully planned murder, they were not unlike millions of other boys across America, […]


10 May 99 A friend in Texas who is attempting to secure out-of-state CCW permits from as many states as possible reports the following: “New Hampshire has the simplest form. It’s a one-page deal; no fingerprint cards, no photographs, no training requirement. All one needs is a copy of a current CCW. Florida is more […]

Don’t get caught “with your pants down.”

10 May 99 We just completed a Basic Defensive Pistol Course here in the Midwest. One of our students was a local municipal police officer. Saturday was very strenuous, and the officer had been up late several nights during the previous week. So, when he arrived home on Saturday evening, he dissembled his pistol with […]

The Balkans

8 May 99 From a friend serving in the Balkans: Well here I am in the town of ________, NE part of the Country. I am working in the local “Police Academy,” training service personnel. Appalling lack of equipment and money. Each officer has only one uniform and two shirts. In the summer it is […]


6 May 99 I toured this afternoon the new DS Arms plant in Lake Barrington, IL. I had the opportunity to talk at length with my good friend and owner of DS Arms, Dave Salvaggio. The main product of DS Arms is still the FN rifle, in a number of iterations. The current production samples […]


6 May 99 This from a friend in Oklahoma city: “There are several accounts that will read the same as this one. Picture this…. No trees, no grass (sucked out), concrete slab (where house used to be) AND A BIG GUN SAFE STANDING IN THE MIDDLE. We have had three reports of this. A friend […]

More from the Philippines

3 May 99 This just in from a friend in the Philippines: “There is a new extortion scheme being perpetuated by certain local police. A number of cases have already been reported, but so far the media has not wanted to pass them on. They are apparently as intimidated as the rest of us. A […]