18 June 24

“I am strongly in favor of common sense, common honesty, and common decency.

Of course, this makes me forever ineligible for public office.”

HL Mencken

Ready or Not!

Many (including LEOs) are falling into the trap of becoming programmed by the media and thus accepting that terms like “shocking” and “surprising” are destined to define them and their response to critical incidents.

But, should anyone really be surprised, or “shocked,” when violent criminals, cheered-on by their leftist sponsors in government and in the media, do their thing?

1) I notice that the NYPD detective who interrogated the recent Kissena Park rape suspect, sheepishly dances-around the question of the suspect’s “place of origin,” of course not wanting to admit that this rapist is an illegal alien, cynically welcomed to this “sanctuary city” by leftist city officials, solely for the purpose of milking illegal votes.

Admitting that a sizable percentage of illegal immigrants flooding across our open borders are, in fact, violent criminals would violate the “agenda-promoting” leftist dogma!

2) South American “burglary teams,” using high-tech jamming devices that neutralize cell phones, security cameras, and wireless security systems are now stalking high-rent districts in NY, NY, CA, IL, and other liberal enclaves.

And, they seem unconcerned that many of the residences they’re invading are occupied at the time!

3) Boiler-plate recommendations from media “security experts” are mostly cynical lies

“Just give them what they want”

That didn’t work out so well for the University of Georgia nursing student who was raped and murdered near her dormitory (in broad daylight) by a Venezuelan illegal alien in February

“Just call the police”

That won’t work so well either, when you’re informed by the 911 operator (assuming you can even get through) that they have no officers available to send, since staffing-levels are now below critical!

“Justice will prevail”

Wishful thinking!  Leftist “prosecutors” refuse to prosecute murderous criminals, particularly illegal aliens, who are terrorizing every Democrat-run metro area.

“You don’t need a gun”


Then why do all those politicians enjoy the continuous protection of a legion of heavily-armed (taxpayer-funded) bodyguards, all equipped with “weapons of war?”

Do they know something we don’t?

Do you suppose they don’t believe their own lies?

We are now experiencing levels of violent crime/anarchy, right here in the USA, that ten years ago, would have been considered bizarre fantasy

But, this is no cheap, B-rate movie.  We’re actually living through this stuff.

Many won’t!