26 June 24

Avoidance, vigilance, awareness, deterrence, disengagement, de-escalation

We emphasize all of the foregoing, but even in combination they only go so far, and collectively fall far short of representing an absolute solution to burgeoning personal-security issues that now greatly concern all Americans.

Deadly “Jack-in-the-Box” attacks, carried-out by EDPs and other VCAs, are now commonplace in our metro areas, particularly in blue states.

Conventional criminal motives are often absent.  Many innocent victims are thus murdered and maimed, but neither kidnapped, nor robbed of valuables.

Victims are typically ordinary, unsuspecting citizens, going-about their legitimate daily business.

Adhering to classic advice, such as “avoid bad areas,” is increasingly impossible, due to the endless flood of (1) illegal immigrants (including terrorists, who shouldn’t even be here), (2) EDPs (who should be confined to insane asylums), and (3) Repeat VCAs (who should be confined to prisons), all of whom are now out in public, unsupervised in any way, and actively looking for likely victims.


1) It is astonishing how many (among the naive) still adhere to the “protection racket,” promulgated by leftist politicians (particularly leftist prosecutors), which pushes the false notion that locking-up violent criminals will not reduce violent crime.

2) It is also astonishing how many believe in the “justice-for-victims” myth, particularly in view of the fact that so few violent crimes are actually ever “solved,” fewer yet VCAs are actually arrested and taken into custody, fewer yet are actually charged with a felony and retained in custody (most are plea-bargained down to misdemeanors and released immediately), fewer yet released VCAs ultimately show-up in court (most never show-up and are never seen again, until they attack their next victim), and fewer yet actually go to prison.

In fact, it is vastly more likely for convicted murderers, who have been sentenced to death by the court, to die of old age while interminably sitting on “death row,” than to genuinely suffer the state-imposed “death penalty.”

The universal willingness of leftist prosecutors and judges to immediately release vicious, unrepentant, repeat murderers back into the public carries serious implications for all of us!

3) “Benefits” showered upon crime victims by leftist politicians are only available to you when you’re willing, even eager, to become a victim.  Who don’t want to become crime victims are automatically labeled “racists” and “bigots” by liberals.

4) Leftist politicians (particularly prosecutors and judges), while invariably excusing the actual criminals, will predictably blame and vilify the victims (George Zimmerman, Kyle Rittenhouse), particularly when the victim tries to defend himself in any way, and more particularly when the victim, at last, resorts to deadly force, and most particularly when the victim is prepared, trained, and competent in his use of deadly force!

“Avoidance” is still paramount, but being ever-prepared to fight (effectively) for your very life may well become acutely necessary for any of us- in an instant!

We all need to look honestly at what is going-on all around us and make appropriate plans to live through it.

To reiterate: many won’t!

“Qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum,” a maxim often paraphrased as “Si vis pacem, para bellum.” The sage philosophy that, “When you would have peace, prepare for war.”

The foregoing sentiment is usually attributed to Flavius Vegetius Renatus, who wrote in the “De remilitari” (390 BC):

“Qui desiderat pacem, bellum praeparat; nemo provocare ne offendere audet quem intelliget superiorem esse pugnaturem” translates to: “Whosoever desires peace prepares for war; no one provokes, nor dares offend, those whom they know to be superior in battle.”