20 June 24

“Innocent until Proven Indigent!”

Motto of leftist prosecutors (and there are many)

Operators need to be aware that, when we are involuntarily confronting a VCA, we’re almost always facing a person who has “nothing to lose,” while we have everything (literally!) to lose.

Leftist prosecutors are well aware of this!

When physically fighting with a career loser for your very life, for your family’s health and future, and for your own continued good health, fighting someone who doesn’t expect to live very long anyway, has nothing to live for, is amoral and thus has no compunction about maiming/murdering innocent people, is not afraid of being arrested, is not afraid of jail, is not afraid of anything the System can (or is likely to) throw at him, you’ll be desperately wrestling with several simultaneously conflicting priorities.

Your vicious attacker is focused on only one thing, while you have to be concerned not only with:

(1) Living through the attack, but also

2) Permanent disfiguring/disabling injury to yourself and/or family members, along with a lifetime of hospitalization and expensive medical treatment

3) A gun-hating prosecutor who will subsequently “find fault” with something you did to protect yourself and family and thus charge you with a felony, a charge that will bring forth months, maybe years, of harmful anxiety and cost you a fortune (literally!) as you desperately fight for your freedom

4) The gun-hating media who will piously scold you for failing to “de-escalate” the situation, while inventing innumerable excuses for your attacker (whom they’ll elevate to “victim status,” without fail), who in every instance “had an unhappy childhood” and was in the middle of a “mental-health crisis,”

5) A sleazy, ambulance-chasing plaintiff’s attorney who will drag you into civil court on a “wrongful death” claim.

Again, the VCA attacking you needn’t be (and isn’t) concerned in the slightest with any of points 1-5, above!

So, here are things to keep in mind:

1) As personal safety in America continues to degrade, the likelihood that violent crime will touch all of us personally is now higher than ever.

2) In the eyes of Democrat politicians, our “criminal element” has become a profitable business, to be grown and protected, and that is exactly what they’re doing!

3) Particularly during this election year, unscrupulous, leftist prosecutors and other less-than-honest politicians, have “weaponized” our Criminal-Justice System in an effort to punish otherwise innocent citizens (like gun-owners) whom they venomously detest.

DJT can tell you all about that!

4)  Legal expenses for defending oneself against un-meritorious criminal and civil charges will be staggering, life-ruining.  Every prosecutor out there knows he has the arbitrary power to incarcerate and subsequently bankrupt you, absent any other circumstance, and they all know it!

5) Most gun-owners don’t fully appreciate, and are unprepared for, the amount of drama, anxiety, and expense that invariably attach to any UOF (use of force) incident.

6)  Arrest, even without conviction, will likely cost you your job, cost you thousands of dollars in legal fees, adversely affect your mental health (maybe your physical health as well), and do untold harm to your personal reputation.  You now have “an arrest record”

7) “Winning on appeal” may sound hopeful, but even when it ultimately happens (years from now), it will be of scant comfort when you and/or your family members are dead, crippled, disfigured, hospitalized, bankrupt, grief-stricken, despondent

8)  Many among the naive have harmed their case by voluntarily going with police to “answer a few questions,” and then ended-up inside an interrogation room, without professional legal representation, for hours

9) I recommend joining ACLDN (Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network) now, before the crisis.  You’ll be needing powerful friends on your side!


You can’t afford it!”