3 July 24

Tomorrow’s Independence Day Holiday was made possible by audacious American citizens with privately-owned “weapons of war!”

It’s been less than 300 years.

Have we forgotten so soon?

For the smugly naive, who keep saying, “In an emergency, just call 911,” a recent interview with LAPD’s current Chief may come as a jolt!

LAPD’s current “average response time” to life-threatening emergencies is seven minutes (or so it is claimed), from when a unit(s) is dispatched to when it/they arrive at the scene.

Since maiming and murdering associated with violent crimes is usually completed within seconds (before any 911 call is even made), I fear most forget that “relatively fast police response to emergencies” does not necessarily equate to “preventing harm to the innocent”

Most of us believe that it is far better not to be harmed by violent criminals/terrorists in the first place, rather than to be hopefully confident that police will arrive at some point, maybe arrest perpetrators, maybe write-up fabulous reports- all long after permanent harm has been done to the innocent!

The Chief admitted that critical staff shortages within his department (and nearly all others) breeds serious compromises- in hiring, training, physical standards, emotional-fitness standards, personal-integrity standards

The “published timeline” may be seven minutes, but the “real timeline” is much longer.

1)  Someone has to see and recognize that a violent crime is occurring, and that person has to be willing, able, and inclined to call 911.

2)  That call has to get through to a 911 operator, which may take some time during busy periods.

3) The 911 operator must gather information and dispatch patrol unit(s), assuming any are available

That’s when the “seven-minute response time” officially starts!

When officer(s) arrive at the scene, they need time to evaluate the situation, talk with those present, process information, call-in an initial report- all before taking action, which may involved the use of force.

In view of the foregoing, being “rescued in the nick of time” by police appears pretty unlikely.

When criminal violence comes your way, you’ll likely be the only “first responder” who has any chance of keeping you from harm!

Ignore/dismiss that acid fact at your peril!