23 June 24

Naive, leftist clowns, even in Israel!

With frightening events of 7 Oct 23 still fresh on their collective minds, many Israeli women, who heretofore never thought of themselves as gun-owners/carriers, have since purchased and are carrying pistols.

This trend is disturbing to soft-headed leftists, who (like leftists everywhere) continue to regard “victimhood” as their (and everyone else’s) sacred societal obligation.

Since 7 Oct 23 Israel’s National Security Minister, Itamar Ben Gvir, has courageously encouraged all Israelis to get armed and think of their individual safety as a personal (not a state) responsibility, and a great rush of Israeli citizens, particularly women, have enthusiastically responded.

Ben Gvir is continuously labeled “right-wing” by the left-wing media.  Of course, to them all non-Communists are “right-wing”

Yet even in post-7-Oct-23 Israel, we still see pseudo-sanctimonious push-back from self-declared, ever-leftist “feminist groups,” like the “Gun-Free Kitchen Tables Coalition,” make public statements like this:

“It is a strategy of far-right settlers to consider the arming of women to be a feminist act.

The increase of weapons in the civilian space leads to an increase in violence and murder against women.

It’s time for the state to understand that individual safety is its responsibility.”

1) Without fail, leftists refer to all of us who question their logic as “settlers” and “colonists,” as if to say we have no right to be here.  We have no right to express opinions.  In fact, we have no right to even exist.  Thus, all who seek to exterminate us are somehow “the good guys”

2) Absent any evidence, leftists predictably contend that allowing citizens to individually defend themselves from terrorists and other violent criminals via deadly force “increases violence.”  As always, their bemoan the death of terrorists, but piously excuse those same terrorists when they murder the innocent.  For them, deadly force is only “a problem” when it is righteously exercised by good and decent citizens!

3) And of course their most nonsensical claim: My personal safety is solely the government’s responsibility.  The government is obligated to protect me from every ill to which flesh is heir, one-hundred percent of the time.

Complete, non-realistic fantasy!

Leftists never talk about facts.  They only want to talk about “feelings”

One would think in a place like present-day Israel, they would be continuously laughed-off the stage!

“The ‘right to be heard’ does not imply a ‘right’ to be taken seriously.”

Hubert Humphrey