11 June 24
More on Dogs:
Many sage comments received from my last Quip!
Here are some points that should be added:
1) Do not insert yourself in-between fighting dogs!
Attempting to break-up a dogfight physically, by intervening with your own body, is pretty much a guarantee of severe bodily injury (to you). Naive dog-owners are profoundly injured this way every day.
Spraying fighting dogs with OC may break-up the battle, but not always. However, the tactic does “work” often enough for me to recommend carrying OC, particularly when you’re walking your dog.
However, when walking your dog (on a leash), and your dog is suddenly attacked by other dogs (not on a leash), for your own safety you may have to let-go of the leash, quickly withdraw, and “write-off” your dog.
Better that your dog is killed than you!
2) Dog assaults usually involve more than one attacking dog!
Dogs are pack animals and extremely territorial, so they’ll often “gang-up” on a victim (a human and/or another dog) that they perceive (rightly or wrongly) to be a threat to their territory
3) When attacked by dog(s), don’t expect anyone to come to come to your aid. You’re probably going to have to handle the whole affair by yourself!
Passers-by, motorists, neighbors, even owners of the attacking dog(s) all may witness your ordeal, and may even call police, but immediate, direct intervention by any nearby person is unlikely.
By the time police arrive, you’ll either be dead, or they’ll be several dead/dying dogs lying around.
You’ll probably have suffered significant injury, either way!
4) Squatters, living in dilapidated “campers,” sometimes in tents, use dogs (almost always pitbulls) as “protection,” from police, anguished and fearful neighbors, other squatters, and other dogs.
These criminals typically “squat” in public parks, side streets, parking lots, even on private property.
Falsely referred to as “RV Campers” by leftist politicians and their media puppets, these squatters quickly and disastrously degrade entire neighborhoods.
Inadequate sanitation, perpetual idleness, prostitution, domestic violence, thievery, foul odors, and illegal drugs, are invariably indigenous to these “encampments”
Also indigenous are pitbulls!
Don’t expect liberal politicians to do anything (aside from lip-service) about these squalid, unsanitary and illegal encampments, nor about their invariable menagerie of dangerous dogs!
Almost all of these squatters already have multiple outstanding felony warrants on them. They’re not concerned! Most have been arrested dozens of times. They’re thoroughly acquainted with “The System,” and they’re confident police aren’t really going to do anything.
When their cadre of pitbulls is impounded, euthanized, or runs away, they’ll just get more, and nothing will change!
5) Go armed, particularly when walking your dog!
Your personal presence may not enrage nearby pitbulls, but your dog’s surely will!
In order to dissuade/disable an attacking dog, multiple immediate fatal hits from your pistol may be necessary.
Even then, don’t expect offending dog(s) to collapse on the spot. More likely, they’ll just wander away, even after being mortally wounded.
Hit whatever part of the dog you can, but neck and shoulders represent the best targets. Once the dog’s mobility is compromised, he’ll be far less dangerous than before, and you’ll then have time and space to consider additional options.
6) When your precise application deadly force is thus acutely necessary in order to preserve your life and health, don’t expect to be thanked!
Do expect withering criticism, from the media, from neighbors, and especially from the dog-owner himself.
Do expect to hear (endlessly) about the way you should have “de-escalated” and how those cute little dogs really weren’t going to hurt you after all, all this from the mouths of professing “experts” (who weren’t there)
You think dogs will be in Heaven?
I tell you, they will be there long before any of us!”
Robert Louis Stevenson