10 June 24
The City of Los Angeles’ Department of Animal Services maintains several animal shelters, including the one where a near-fatal dog attack occurred several days ago.
A kennel supervisor at this particular shelter (with twenty years experience) was nearly killed during a precipitous dog attack.
The dog involved was not a Pitbull, but a sixty-pound “Dogo Argentino”
This breed was developed in the 1940s, mostly for pig-hunting in South America, but also has a presence in dog-fighting circles (illegal in the USA). The breed is thus illegal/restricted in some countries.
All the City’s animal shelters are criminally overcrowded with vast numbers of unwanted animals, because soft-headed leftist politicians, who run the City, won’t allow any to be euthanized, even those that are demonstrably dangerous.
Curious the way insulated leftists are always more-than-happy to let other people put their lives and health on the line within patently unsafe conditions that these same politicians manufacture.
In this case, the dog suddenly bit the legs of the kennel-worker, then bit her chest and face as she fell. This woman survived only because she was able to grab a brick and strike the dog’s head multiple times, but she still sustained severe disabling/disfiguring injury.
Had that brick not been there, this woman surely would not have lived through the attack, as there was no  one around to help her.
1) Many, even those who work with dogs daily, drop their guard with dogs that “look cute.”
2) Dog attacks are real, lethal, and occur suddenly and without warning. Deadly force must be applied with precision, and immediately!
3) Without “force-multipliers,” that are both effective and immediately accessible, humans are weak and extremely vulnerable when attacked by dog(s).
What is the most dangerous threat?
It’s the one you may “see,” but erroneously discount, not recognizing the danger that is present, until it’s too