28 June 24

Worst outcome

Increasingly-desperate hopefulness on the part of JRB supporters was dashed last night during the first (and likely the only) televised Presidential Debate.

What was actually said (or mumbled in the case of JRB) was far lass consequential than the demeanor of the candidates.

DJT was enthusiastic, spirited, focused, precisely controlled, and imminently prepared.

JRB was feeble, gloomy, befuddled, barely-audible, painfully uncomfortable, and obviously anxious for it all to be over.

It was disquieting to watch, and even JRB’s otherwise reliable apologists at CNN reluctantly faced facts in the aftermath!

Many other Democrat politicians are now nervously distancing themselves from JRB.

Other Democrats, including KDH, are demanding (in true Soviet style) that everyone just pretend last night didn’t actually happen!

It would have been much better for Democrats had JRB not shown-up, or had collapsed on the stage.  That at least would have settled the issue (as it did for former Attorney General Janet Reno when she collapsed during a speech in Rochester, NY in 2002, effectively ending her FL gubernatorial campaign, and her political career), and the DNC could then get busy promoting another, more viable, candidate.

As it is, delusional JRB is not voluntarily withdrawing, and everyone knows his “campaign” from this point forward will resemble, and only reinforce, last night!

What concerns many of us is that radical Islamics, Chinese, Russians, along with more friendly nations, clearly saw what took place last night, and are making plans accordingly!

Between now and the first of the year, we will likely witness some real world excitement, domestic excitement too!

“Weakness always promotes aggression”

Axiom of international diplomacy