8 July 24

“Shooting is a science, but ‘fighting for your life’ is an Art.

The difference is identical to that between limit and no-limit poker.

When competing, you’re shooting at an inert target.

When fighting, your target is alive and is sincerely trying to kill you, by whatever means he can!

Limit poker, like ‘shooting games,’ is just quaint recreation.

No-limit poker, like real fighting, is unequivocal, unforgiving, and final

In the former case, lost fortunes are never ‘refunded’

In the later, death is never ‘reversed’”

Operators’ Axiom

“Never get into poker games with those who can’t afford to lose, nor into gunfights with those who can!”

Bret Maverick (played by James Garner) in the 1960s Warner Brothers TV Series, “Maverick”

Men (mostly, but sometimes women too) occasionally adhere to “Old-School Rules.”

That is some men, when ‘rules of personal respect’ are challenged, will instantly resort to force. This may include restoring respectfulness on the part of the miscreant via a well-aimed fist.

Indeed, there was a time when such a ‘fist-borne attitude-adjustment’ by the offended party, visited upon an offender, was generally regarded as right and proper.

Such a ‘correction’ was often viewed as an act that would assist in the maintenance of public order, and would send a message that bad acts by wayward punks will not be tolerated.

Who meted-out such a righteous and richly-deserved blow (or two) to a deserving reprobate gained respect, and word got around that bad behavior was not welcome in the community.

How quaint!

Now, welcome to “The New Age”

Today, bullies (including violent criminals), along with their bully behavior, are condoned and rewarded, from an early age.

Self-defense on the part of the innocent, in any form, is denigrated (by leftists) as “taking the law into your own hands”

Public order has suffered greatly as a result!

Today, I sadly have to recommend that parades, fairs, political rallies, block-parties, even religious services, large public gatherings in general, be avoided.

At such events, fist-fights often quickly intensify into knife-fights and gunfights.  Injured/dead often include parties who were not even involved!

In any event, today’s violent criminals/bullies are confident they have little to fear, from police nor our criminal/justice system in general.

Good and decent people, who go armed, need to carefully consider the foregoing.  Even a justifiable employment of deadly force will be extremely expensive, as well as corrosive to your mental health.

In fact, so much as a justifiable “defensive display” of a gun, even when it is never fired, will likely get you charged with a felony!

Yet, I’ve heard some carry-permit holders say that they’re “ready to fight” over verbal insults.

When I can, I advise them to seriously re-think their verbal bravado!

Who “win” serious fights, under any circumstances, can expect an “intimate tour” of our legal and civil court systems.

A fight avoided is better, by far, than a fight “won”

“In order to master poker, you must first master (1) patience and (2) discipline, as a lack of either is sure disaster, regardless of all your other talents, nor even lucky streaks!”

Freddie Gasperian