7 June 24
Last Wednesday in OH, a mother and her three-year-old child were victims of a precipitous stabbing attack in the parking-lot of a local grocery store, in the middle of the day!
Attacker and victims were unknown to each other.
The child died as a result. His mother is in “serious condition,” but will survive.
The large knife used had been stolen by the perpetrator from a nearby store minutes before the attack.
Surveillance video clearly shows the perpetrator (with knife in hand) stalking her victims prior to the attack.
Perpetrator was arrested minutes later, in the same parking lot, bloody knife still in her hand!
1) Media continuously misuses the term, “random”
These innocent victims were deliberately selected and stalked by this perpetrator for some time before the attack actually took place. “Random” is clearly not the correct term!
Curious how quick our less-than-honest media is to give this erroneous modifier to such crimes, as if to say, “No need to worry! It’s all just ‘random’”
As night follows day, the media will then excuse the perpetrator, because she “ has mental-health issues”
And next, the media will piously excuse itself, insisting that these kinds of vicious crimes can’t possibly be the fault of leftist politics that they blindly support.
2) Surveillance cameras (which are now everywhere) may faithfully record what happens in front of them, but they “protect” no one.
No one is actually watching all those videos- in real time!
They may provide useable evidence during a subsequent investigation, and may be used in a courtroom trial months afterward, and of course, they’ll be gratuitously used by local TV networks as fodder during the evening news- to jam between ads!
Yet, they provide scant deterrence to real crime, in real time, as we see!
3) The “criminally insane” are no longer confined to insane asylums. In fact, due to “bail reform,” they are not confined to prisons either!
They are all out and about, extremely dangerous, utterly unpredictable, and unsupervised in any way. That’s the way liberals want it!
I know it’s natural for people to want to “feel safe,” but it is a dangerous delusion. There are no “safe places,” despite what campaigning politicians try to tell you.
Whatever “safety” you enjoy will have to be provided directly (in “real time”) by you.
When nonchalantly going to the store for bread and milk, expect that things just might “go medieval” in a flash- ready or not!
4) Watch those hands!
Of hundreds of people in the store and parking lot, no one noticed the large knife that is blatantly visible (in surveillance videos) in the hand of the perpetrator as she walked about in plain view prior to the attack.
5) We have a “Criminal Justice System,” but its mostly broken right now, by design.
If everything changed tomorrow morning, it would still be quite some time before any kind of order could be restored.
As it is, you’re on your own!
“When you are unwilling to defend your right to your own life, then you are
like a mouse trying to ‘negotiate’ with an owl.
You regard his ways as ‘wrong.’
He regards you as lunch.”
Terry Goodkind