6 June 24
“We Own the Streets!”
In Marxist ideology, an “army” is required to impose (by force) classic feudalistic dogma upon innocent citizens.
It’s the strategy ever employed by Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, and many others among the beasts of history.
For our current gaggle of “vain and ambitious” Democrat politicians, violent criminals, illegal aliens, and terrorists serve as their “soldiers.” That’s why depraved criminals are ever protected, defended, armed, empowered, and apologized-for by Democrats.
Simultaneously, innocent victims of these “Marxist soldiers” (decent, productive, law-abiding, tax-paying legal American citizens, of all races) must be kept weak (disarmed), dependent, fearful, confused, and uninformed.
The foregoing represents a critical strategy for Democrats as our election season approaches.
Their “Criminal Army” has been deliberately created, assembled, and armed via “restorative justice,” “bail reform,” and open borders.
Falling right in line, Cook County’s (Chicago) current State’s Attorney is doing her best to place illegal guns in the hands of violent criminals. Her excuse is that arresting “People of Color” for felony violations of state and federal guns laws “disproportionally penalizes them.”
After all, certain criminals are “special,” and are accordingly made exempt from laws the rest of us are required to obey.
Their innocent (and unarmed) victims thus enjoy no protection!
On last Tuesday evening, a couple was walking together in a Chicago neighborhood. The woman was pregnant.
A group of young thugs (a dozen or more) precipitously attacked them for no apparent reason. The two victims were punched and kicked repeatedly, also drenched with pepper spray, until they were both on the pavement, and then both were kicked and stomped, again repeatedly.
As a result, the woman’s unborn child died (a fact the leftist media, little more than a branch of the DNC, tried to keep secret)
As these thugs savagely beat this innocent man and his wife, they yelled, “We own the streets.”
And, they’re mostly right! Under our present leftist-weaponized “criminal justice system,” they do effectively “own the streets,” all by design.
Police eventually arrived, and the gaggle of thugs casually scattered.
Two thugs were arrested at the scene, both teenagers, but were released almost immediately.
Of course, they’re smugly confident that they’re “protected and will suffer no penalty!”
1) This dreadful situation that currently plagues all our metro areas will not “turn-around” any time soon, no matter who gets elected in November. So much damage has been done to this civilization by the BHO and JRB Administrations, we may never enjoy a decent, orderly, productive, and safe society again.
2) “Avoidance” still represents the best personal strategy. We’re all familiar with the increasing threat. Adjust personal habits/preferences accordingly. A fight avoided is better, by far, than a fight “won!”
3) Pretending to ignore violent criminals who are actively stalking/assaulting you (by not making eye-contact, walking away, etc) provides scant protection, as we see.
4) Dropping to the ground also provides scant protection. You’ll just be kicked and stomped, maybe to death!
5) When you have no choice but to employ deadly force in order to preserve your life and health, employ it with deliberation and precision, and always have the means immediately available!
“If ever time comes, when vain and ambitious men shall possess the highest seats in government, our Country will stand in need of experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”
Sam Adams