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You can take Putin out of the KGB, but you can’t take the KGB out of Putin!

30 July 23   The “New” Cold War!   The entire Continent of Africa is currently being “re-colonized,” this time not by Western Europeans, but by Russians and Chinese- all as the “West” stands-by and does nothing!   A half-dozen African nations have recently seen their secular governments tumble and be instantly replaced by Russian […]


29 July 23   “An evil man will burn his nation, so he can rule ashes!”   Sun Tzu   One of the “promises” made by BHO during his administration was that he intended to “fundamentally change our nation”   His spiritual successor has surely taken the fulfillment of that promise seriously, as we thus […]

Pistol Skills!

23 July 23   Pistol Skills!   A week ago, Saturday, three heroic Fargo, ND PD Patrolmen, investigating a reported traffic accident, were precipitously fired upon by a suspect who was sitting in an uninvolved vehicle. Exact gun(s) the suspect used has not been reported.   One officer was murdered, and two others were wounded. […]

Cruel Joke!

22 July 23   Follow-up on “Crime Tourism,” from a friend within the System:   “No illegal alien is ever ‘held-over’ after being arrested, not a single one (unless they recently murdered someone).   All are given cell phones and released immediately.   They’re laughingly instructed to ‘call-in every thirty days,’ so ICE knows where […]

“Crime Tourism”

20 July 23   “Contrary to popular opinion or ‘escapist trends,’ false hope is in no way better than harsh truth.   Harsh truth is painful, but there’s healing at the end.   False hope on the other hand, is a dangerous thing that offers no reward, not immediately, nor with the passage of time. […]

Crime Wave!

18 July 23   “We carried our weapons with us at all times, even when we went for water”   Nehemiah, Chapter 4, Verse 23   Personal Safety!   Lies pertaining to personal safety are regularly repeated by media-endorsed “experts.” These myths are all agenda-driven in an effort on the part of “progressive” politicians and […]

Too Many Guns!

17 July 23   “Too Many (Registered) Guns?”   The currently in-custody fifty-nine-year-old suspect in the series of “Gilgo Beach Murders,” in Suffolk County, NY (Long Island), dating back to 2010, now stands accused of at least three of those murders.   If he is guilty, he may also be guilty of at least eight […]


16 July 23   Correction!   In my Quip of earlier today, I conveyed the impression that Woodrow Wilson was the Democrat presidential candidate in 1920 national election.   That is not correct!   Wilson’s severe stroke in 1919 left him unable to campaign for his third term as president.   Instead, Democrats nominated newspaper […]


16 July 23   “Empires aren’t built in a day, but they can disappear in one!”   Jesse Page   Weapons and Empires!   America was technically “neutral” during most of WWI, as President Woodrow Wilson’s personal aversion to armed conflict overrode the pressing need to stop German/Austrian aggression on the European Continent.   For […]


13 July 23   “It is often said that power corrupts. But, it is equally important to realize that weakness corrupts too! Power corrupts the few, while weakness corrupts the many.   Hatred, malice, rudeness, intolerance, and suspicion are faults of the weak. Resentment on the part of the weak does not spring from ‘injustice’ […]


12 July 23   Onward and Upward!   HS Produkt (formally “IM Metal”), located in the Republic of Croatia, has been manufacturing the enormously-successful “XD” line of pistols and importing them into the USA, under the auspices of Springfield Armory, since 2001.   Their Croatian factory is ultra-modern and competitive with the best in the […]


11 July 23   “When I’m good, I’m very good. But when I’m bad, I’m even better!”   Mae West   True effectiveness of machineguns as implements of modern war was not universally appreciated until half-way through WWI, even though they had been around since 1900, because prior to WWI machineguns had seen service mostly […]

Security Theater!

7 July 23   Security “Plan,” or “Security Theater?” Woke corporate whores assure us they have a (always unspecified) “security plan’ when we, as customers, come onto their property to shop and otherwise do business.   Never believe it!   It’s all BS!   In NYS, under the new “Concealed Carry Improvement Act,” businesses must […]

Western Weakness

4 July 23   “Decent into hell is always preceded by a celebration”   Monuments to Western weakness? This reply, from a friend in the System:   Today, France, Britain, maybe Germany are not far from electing Islamist governments, owing to open borders and unregulated immigration, with hordes of defiantly non-assimilating illegal aliens (almost all […]


3 July 23   Liberal Mantra:   1) Violent criminals are “victims of society.” Productive, tax-paying citizens are the real villains   2) Society should not “take sides” between violent criminal and innocent victim.   3) Violent criminals should not be penalized for our collective failure to provide a “truly fair society”   4) The […]

National Meltdown!

2 July 23   “What adjective can be used for a nation who is consistently fooled, recurrently deceived by crafty politicians?”   Mehmet Murat ildan   Rioting French!   France has become a chaotic, non-integrated mishmash of a nation!   This is what comes of unbridled immigration.   No society/culture can safely absorb such an […]