7 July 23
Security “Plan,” or “Security Theater?”

Woke corporate whores assure us they have a (always unspecified) “security plan’ when we, as customers, come onto their property to shop and otherwise do business.

Never believe it!
It’s all BS!
In NYS, under the new “Concealed Carry Improvement Act,” businesses must grant you permission, via a signed document, in order for you to carry your properly licensed and concealed handgun into their business.
Business who do not grant such “permission” also do not retain armed guards (because, of course, they have no intention of protecting anyone’s life and/or safety)!
But, they ever mouth a phoney mantra that sounds good:
“We have a plan. We have ‘security measures’ in place.”
When asked about these curious “security measures,” corporate gas-bags never have much of an explanation,
other than, “We’ll call the police”
Thus, we’ve repeatedly seen that when a critical security incident does occur, all present quickly discover that there is no “plan,” and that everyone is suddenly “on their own!”
Thus, whenever I hear someone say, “This is a safe place. You don’t need a gun here,” I roll my eyes and reach for my pistol!
“We will take care of you!
You’re too stupid to take care of yourself.
So, we’ll make sure you can’t take care of yourself.
And by the way, we really can’t take care of you, nor do we care.
But, we still know what is best for you, and we’ll force you to love it,
… even when it kills you!”
Definition of “Enforced Dependency,” whether imposed by corporations or government, it’s all the same!