13 July 23
“It is often said that power corrupts. But, it is equally important to realize that weakness corrupts too! Power corrupts the few, while weakness corrupts the many.
Hatred, malice, rudeness, intolerance, and suspicion are faults of the weak. Resentment on the part of the weak does not spring from ‘injustice’ done to them, but from an arrogantly self-imposed sense of inadequacy and impotence.”
Eric Hoffer
Sign of the Times!
This week, a fourteen-year-old girl at a Los Angeles public school was savagely beaten by a group of (presumably) other students.
As this defenseless girl lay on the pavement, getting kicked in the head repeatedly, a male teacher is seen standing right next to the attack, and does absolutely nothing, not even so much as crying-out for them to stop!
In the realm of feeble excuses, this male teacher later “justified” his despicable cowardly inaction by saying he “needed more training”
It’s so typical of craven leftists to reply with such shallow, self-serving excuses!
Empty buzz-phrases , such as “additional training,” “policy review,” “time to set-up a committee to look into this matter, “more funding,” ad nauseam are always uttered by woke leftists with a smug, self-righteous expression so consistent with con-artists the world over.
“The truth has no defense against a fool determined to believe a lie”
Mark Twain