20 July 23
“Contrary to popular opinion or ‘escapist trends,’ false hope is in no way better than harsh truth.
Harsh truth is painful, but there’s healing at the end.
False hope on the other hand, is a dangerous thing that offers no reward, not immediately, nor with the
passage of time.
It never pays off.”
Northern Adams
Felony “Tourism”
Up and down I5 on the West Coast, including CA, OR, and WA, mobile, Cartel-connected gangs of illegal aliens are openly looting retail stores, as well as committing “hot” burglaries of occupied homes.
They’re driving mostly stolen vehicles. They have no driver’s licenses, nor insurance. But, they drive anyway, and no one seems to tell them they can’t!
As always, our less-than-honest media uses “weasel words” to report on these gangs and their endless crime spree, calling them “Colombian Nationals,” sometimes “Chilean Nationals,” “Guatemalan Nationals,” etc.
The media just can’t seem to get the phrase, “illegal aliens” to come out of their mouths!
These illegal-alien-gangs are now boldly breaking-into occupied homes, in nice parts of town, even within “high-rent-districts,” with scant interference.
They’re seldom arrested, but even when they are, they’re released immediately!
They know that in Democrat “pro-criminal” states, like CA, OR, WA, NY, and now IL, they’ll never see the inside of any kind of jail, and on those rare occasions when they actually are arrested, they’ll only be “in custody” momentarily, usually less than an hour.
They’re laughingly issued “summonses” upon their release, and then go immediately back to thieving, burglarizing, driving illegally. Of course, they never show-up in court. Why should they? Many have been thus “arrested-and-released” dozens of times!
Thus, they have nothing to be afraid of. They’re confident that no unit of government in any liberal state will ever get in their way, nor even so much as inconvenience them.
Governments, in the person of prosecutors, courts, jailers, and police, used to take great pride in “protecting and serving” the public, that is: productive, tax-paying, law-abiding, legal citizens.
Today, “woke” government officials and politicians see their only “duty” as protecting and empowering criminals, promoting crime!
“The public” receives only their self-righteous scorn, as we’re scolded for “not paying our fair share,” and for being (of course) “racists!”
So, they’re using their precious criminals to “punish” us, and openly empowering them to do so.
Hip, amoral, liberal voters put these “woke” politicians into office, and now they’re living with the consequences, consequences that even the blind could have seen coming.
Never look to them for “protection!”
“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the governance of any other.”
John Adams