4 July 23
“Decent into hell is always preceded by a celebration”
Monuments to Western weakness?

This reply, from a friend in the System:

Today, France, Britain, maybe Germany are not far from electing Islamist governments, owing to open borders and unregulated immigration, with hordes of defiantly non-assimilating illegal aliens (almost all Islamic) now being nonetheless encouraged to vote (illegally of course, but no one seems to care) by woke politicians!
Once in political power, Islamics have historically expressed zero tolerance for other religions, and other philosophies, certainly not Western Civilization’s version, and they have no compunction about violently enforcing their feudalistic, religion-based “government” upon hapless citizens.
On the other hand, we may witness a violent Islamic take-over (absent an election) in any of the above-mentioned nations. In fact, one may be unfolding in France right now!
Remember, both the UK and France still actively deploy strategic nuclear submarines!
Many pundits are publicly worried about Iranians developing a few second-rate, air-dropped nukes (in the 12 Kt range).
By comparison, one “boomer” submarine carries dozens of modern nuclear warheads (in the 100-500 Kt range), all mounted on accurate, long-range ICBMs!
What happens to these critical nuclear arsenals when Winchester Cathedral and Notre Dame are converted into mosques, to the naive cheers of woke politicians (as was the formally-magnificent Hagia Sophia, in present-day Turkey)?
Can’t happen?
Dream on!